3 Social Media Tips To Save You Time And Money!

As an experienced social media agency based in Dubai, we have seen our customers make huge mistakes in their social media marketing and management before letting us take over.

We have narrowed these common mistakes down to 3 of the most costly in both time and money. Check out what they are and the solutions below.

social media advice and tips from upload international social media agency in dubaiMonitor your time when monitoring your social media

Just like emails, social media can suck up your time when posting and monitoring.

Remember that you don’t need to reply straight away to a comment. Set yourself a maximum of 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to checking your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Google Plus pages.

Social Media should not be your only source of revenue

In our industry we have seen businesses make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket when it comes to social media. We have also seen businesses get their social media accounts shut down without notice.

It’s important to own the racecourse and not just the racehorse when marketing online. Invest your time and money into owning web properties and don’t rely on just your social media accounts.

A good practice is to place all your content on a blog and then post links to your blog post content on Social Media. By doing this, you will be safeguarding your content whilst increasing your websites traffic and possibly entering new clients into your online marketing funnel.

Spend time when targeting your audience

example of facebook insights audience screen Facebook advertising has come a long way in the last couple of years. With added targeting features and demographics it is now easier than ever to target and qualify your prospective customers.

As a professional social media agency in Dubai we get to see how our customers have tried to target their audience in the past when boosting posts or creating ad campaigns and it is really quite worrying as well as disappointing to see how much money they have wasted.

Remember that not everyone will want your product, you must know your customer demographics before starting a campaign to ensure you are maximising your costs and deliver a better ROI.

A great place to research your audience is by viewing your Facebook insights panel. In here you will find out more about your current audience such as age, location and gender.

This information is GOLD and can be used to help you market on other online and offline campaigns.