6 Tips That Will Get More Sales Online

tips to how to get more sales online

6 Tips That Will Get More Sales Online

With sheer amount of competition online for any Industry is pretty important to ensure you were making every effort to out run your competition and get more sales online.

Simply having a website is not enough these days.

If you want to attract more online visitors and to buy from you then by implementing the following online factors outlined below then you’re in with the best chance.

Publish content that is helpful

Publishing content just the sake of things is surely not the best way to engage your visitors interest on your website.

The content you publish on a blog or page should always be helpful and informative and all times.

Always be sure that when publishing content, that who have a call to action to let visitors know what they need to do next on that page.

If you don’t have the time to create the content yourself then there is help available. Hiring a content creation service who can help create great content for your website or blog is a very good and leveraged option.

Make sure your website is responsive

Having a response website that is available to view on mobile and tablet devices is crucial nowadays.

Why would you want to create a barrier between you and your customers by not allowing them to access your website from anything other than a desktop computer or laptop? Pretty crazy right?

Responsive web design is becoming a lot easier these days with the growth of technology and software.

Because it is becoming easier to create mobile responsive websites then the cost for having these types of websites designed and built it slowly coming down in price which is great for new businesses who have a small marketing budget set aside for their website design and development.

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Video marketing

Investing time and money in creating good-quality videos that can be published on your website or on YouTube for example, is a dynamic marketing strategy for getting your message across to your viewers and potential buying customers.

By far, the story telling method of video is an extremely powerful way of creating emotion and will inspire the viewer to take further action on whatever is that you are telling them to do.

Always make sure that your video is of the highest quality possible and that the information you present it is also extremely helpful and provides answers to the problem that the viewers have been searching for.


Discounts have never failed before online.

Buyers love to save money is an extremely good way to get your foot in the door and install trust in your service or products within your target market.


Pricing is by far one of the biggest hurdles for any business especially in Dubai and the UAE. Customers always want the best deal, which is totally understandable.

Make sure you have researched your competition is pricing and that you’re pricing is either cheaper where possible, or at least price matched.

If this is too much of a challenge based on the quality of service for the products that you’re offering then look at including other added benefits or additional services to include into the package.

Customers always want value for money and if you provide this at the right price then you’re on the winning road.

On-page SEO

If you have a website then it is absolutely crucial to be found online to reach success and get a return on your investment.

To achieve this then you must optimise your website for your targeted keywords to attract more search results on sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

THINK: Most buying customers are searching for answers to the problems online. Give them the answers!

By optimising your content and your website for these answers to your customers problems then you will attract your target market onto your website and offer them an upsell or additional information in return for a price.

That sounds easy right?

Well absolutely is!

However, it is always advisable please seek professional advice when it comes to SEO. By having the wrong target keywords you would not only be wasting your time in creating the content and also attracting the wrong visitors or even not getting any visitors at all.

I would always advise that you seek out a professional SEO company in Dubai to help you with your on-page and off-page SEO.

Are you using any other techniques to drive more sales online?

If so then leave your comments in the comment section below as we would love to hear from you.

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