How often should you add a sitemap to Google?

How often should you add a sitemap to Google?

How often should you add a sitemap to Google? is a question that we have been asked on a few occasions by our clients whom wish to do this themselves as they update their blog posts on a regular basis.

It is advisable that you should update and submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tools everytime you publish a new piece of content on your website or blog page. Some bloggers update it within seconds of posting new content as their content gets scrapped (copied) so quickly as it’s in such demand and of a high quality.

image illustration of how often you should submit your sitemap to google using webmaster toolsWhy submit a sitemap to google in the first place?

The answer is simple, submiting a sitemap allows search engines like Google and Yahoo crawl your website easier and help catogorize your website. The very best tool to do this for is Google Webmaster Tools.

How do you apply a sitemap to Google?

The process of adding a sitemap to your Google Webmaster tools is fairly straight forward (even to the non-techie user). Please follow the step by step instructions below to get your website added quickly and easily.

Step 1 (Start here) 

Go to your website e.g.

Step 2 

In the URL bar type in the following after your domain name: /robots.txt

How do you apply a sitemap to Google - Step 1

Step 3 

Hit enter on your keyboard. You will be taken to a white web page with some text. copy the end of the URL e.g. in the example below we would copy the /sitemap.xml

Please note: the url will vary based on the design and platform of your website but as long as you copy the part after the .com/ then you are on the right track.

How do you apply a sitemap to Google - Step 2

Step 4

Ok, now it’s time to head over to your Google Webmaster Tools. To make this quick for you, here’s the link:

On the let hand side menu, click Crawl >> Sitemaps


How do you apply a sitemap to Google - Step 4

Step 5

After the screen has refreshed, you will see a red button at the top right hand side of the window named ADD/TEST SITEMAP. Click this button.

How do you apply a sitemap to Google - Step 5


Step 6 

A small box will pop up which contains your website domain. Click inside the field and paste or enter the sitemap URL that you copied earlier in Step 3.

How do you apply a sitemap to Google - Step 7


Step 7

Click ‘Submit Sitemap’ and wait for a moment. Once the page updates, click the refresh option in the window of the Google Webmaster Tools.


Step 8

Once the page has refreshed, you will see that there is now some information and confirmation that your website has been submitted.

And we are DONE! 

Well that was easy wasn’t it? For all future submissions you can skip the first 3 steps and simply enter the sitemap URL into the Webmaster tools each time you add new content to your website or when you make any amendments.

I hope that this helps with your online search visibility and until next time, to your online success.

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

Hi it’s Mark Evans here from Upload International web design and SEO company in Dubai. And I’m here today with a daily tip for you.

So today I’m here with some advice for you business owners out-there. There are many bad operators in most markets these days and the SEO industry is no different.

So, beware of:

  • Sales Reps
  • Contracts
  • Guarantees

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And WorldwideAt Upload International we don’t offer any of these. All our results are proven results from past clients and we give you an estimated timescale on how long you can expect to wait to get on the top of the search engine results.

So if your looking for a reputable search engine optimisation company that has proven results from current and previous clients then look no further at Upload International we can help you.

Click here and one of our team will get in contact with you today.

Thank you so much and see you on the next video.


Website Content Creation Tips

Website Content Creation Tips

Hi it’s Mark Evans here from upload International Web design and SEO company based in Dubai And I’m here today to run through some tips with you on content creation which can be a bit of a dubious task at times to create content for your website but it is actually crucial to have good written content on your website at all times, search engines Love it and in the search engine world content is king. So without any hesitation let’s move onto the tip number one.

Hiring A Ghost Writer

Hiring a ghost writer is a great way of creating content for your website. There’re many websites online that offer this service. All that you need to do is to send them some bullet points about the topics that you’re looking to cover about your industry for your website or your blog post and then they will take care of the rest.

Pricing for hiring a ghostwriter can be quite expensive so I highly recommend that you do your research to find the best fit for what your looking to achieve online.

Create Videos

Tip number two is to create video is just like I’m doing right now. You can create videos on your mobile phone these days so there’s really no excuse not to do this.

Videos are a great content source and search engines such as a Google as I mentioned in previous blog posts absolutely love videos so it will do your website many favours and it’s a very quick process.

Creating Website Content TipsTranscribe Your Videos

Tip number three, once you’ve recorded your video why not get it transcribed into written content. You can do this yourself is a time consuming process I would suggest that you hire somebody online to do that for you.

Public Labelling Rights

Public labelling rights or as we call it PLR as we call in the industry. Did you know that you can go online and purchased pre-written articles for your blog posts or your website?

Just a word of warning on that there may be other people using the same articles on their websites so you need to have the article rewritten for you. Again do some research into this as there are services online that will rewrite your articles for you but this is a great quick way of creating great quality written content onto your website.

Use Our Content Writing Service

And finally my last tip of the day is to hire somebody to write the content for you. Now you may know somebody in your family or a friend that can write very well so why not get them on board to create the content for you?

Alternatively, you can hire us at upload International as we are not only a web design, development and SEO company but also a content creation company in Dubai.

So if you would like somebody was fully qualified and graduated in creative writing that they can jump on board and help you with that process, therefore you won’t have to do anything what so ever, you just need to place a small fee and we’ll take care of the rest.

So that’s it today I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and information, if you would like us to help with any of your content, Your websites or your SEO and just get in contact with us today, There’s a link at the bottom of this blog post and somebody from our office will be in touch with you. This is Mark from Upload International, thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.

SEO And Website Tips – 4 Important Elements All Successful Websites Should Have!

4 Important Elements All Successful Websites Should Have!

Hi it’s Mark Evans here from Upload International Web Design and SEO company in Dubai. I’m here today to run through 4 elements that every successful website should have on their site to ensure their online success.

1. Email Capture

You should be capturing your visitors names and email addresses. This can be done through an email capture form and you usually place these in the right hand sidebar of your website. However there are plugins and tools out there which will allow you to have a pop up on your website when a visitor is either trying to leave or scrolling thorough your website.

Website Creation and seo tips2. Images

Number two is to have plenty of images on your website. This will make you all visitors and customers stay on your website for longer which Google likes as it shows that there is plenty of related information and content on the website that visitor has searched for.

3. Videos

Number three is to A video or videos on each of your website pages. Now these again Will increase the amount of time that your visitors spend on your website and as we discussed earlier in point number three, Google will reward you for that. Having videos on your website has statistically proven to increase A websites conversion rates buy quite a substantial amount.

4. Call To Action

And finally number four is to have A clear call to action. So for example on this video I’m going to ask you to leave your comments in the comment section below this blog post, to let us know what you think or if you have any questions regarding this video. Now that is a clear call to action, I’m telling you directly to leave your comments on this blog post. So, you can incorporate a call to action on different parts of your website whether it be written, an image or a video which as I mentioned earlier can be very good for your websites conversion rates.

Hope you found these websites and SEO tips informative and as I mentioned leave your comments and questions in the comment section below this blog post.

If you need our help with your search engine optimisation or even if you need A website then click on the button below to find out more information on how we can help you succeed online.