illustration of two computers with a website landing page on each of their screens

Essential Landing Page Tips

Essential Landing Page Tips

The most important aspect of establishing online presence is online marketing and you can never successfully run a marketing campaign over the Internet without a suitable landing page. Over our experience as a premier web design company in Dubai we have seen countless amounts of businesses getting this essential aspect of their online marketing wrong. Here are our essential landing page tips to help you with this so that you ace your marketing campaign.

illustration of two computers with a website landing page on each of their screensWhat Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is nothing but a simple page where a personal lands after clicking on a link from another page or website elsewhere online. A landing page should usually have a “call-to-action or CTA” link or button or offer. To ensure that the prospect stays on the landing page and goes through it, the page must be dedicated and specific making it clear what the site visitor is required to do.

Usually dedicated landing pages do not have a tie to your website. They can work on their own, giving the reader all the required information. These landing pages can be reached only through the CTA link provided in your campaign.

A landing page serves two main purposes: to capture leads and to make a list of people you can reach out to henceforth, and to educate potential customers about your products or services. There are 2 types of landing pages:

Lead Generation Landing Pages

These landing pages focus on generating leads for further communication. You could ask for the person’s email address through these pages so that you contact them later on. Once the person provides the email address, you should go for one on one communication to convert the lead into a sale.

Click Through Landing Pages

Also referred to as Jump Pages, these are channels that connecting the ad to the final destination. The click through page serves as a warm-up page that gives information about the product/service you deal in. These pages are most valuable on e-commerce sites because they provide all the required information based on which the buyer will decide about purchase.

Difference Between Dedicated Landing Pages and Homepages

A simple comparison between these two pages will tell you everything you need to know, particularly why dedicated landing pages are crucial.

Homepages are usually more generalized. They have in them brand values, corporate values, and other such details. They also have links that help visitors check out the rest of your website. In other words, homepages are designed to help visitors explore your website. Landing pages, on the other hand, do just one thing: generate leads or allow click-through to the final destination.

Uses of Landing Pages

Landing pages come with a great number of uses. A few have been enunciated as follows:

To generate leads or to collect contact information so that you use it for reports, eBooks, newsletters, podcasts, scorecards, blog subscriptions, webinar registrations, presentations, consultation services, e-course deliveries, updates, and more.

Letting prospective clients know about your offerings before they move to the sales funnel in order to make up their mind and to purchase your offering through the Internet, or become your subscriber or your customer. You could also use landing pages for lead captures just as in the first case if you want an introductory page to do the job for you before they reach the landing page to subscribe or share their personal information.

Message Matching

If you want your landing page to be successful you must think about message match as well. Message match is the art of ensuring that your landing page strengthens the message that brought the person to the landing page in the first place. Keep in mind that the visitors want quick results and if they don’t see that the landing page is delivering the information or message that attracted them, they will quit immediately. Your landing page must, thus, reinforce the message that they saw on the page that carried the CTA link.

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