Grammarly Review

grammarly review

Grammarly Review – Does it really make a writer’s life easier?

As a content creation company in Dubai, we are always on the lookout for tools and software that help leverage our time and produce better online content for our customers and readers.

Over the years we have tried and tested a numerous range of content writing software tools with very disappointing results.

As any professional author or content creator will tell you, writing content is a time-consuming activity.

Finding a tool that reduces the time and increases the output of quality is always welcomed with open arms in our industry.

Even writers that understand the fundamentals of grammar still need a helping hand, especially when working under pressure to complete quality content on time where mistakes can easily be made.

If you are on the lookout for something to proof-read and ensure that your text content is error-free and readable for the end user then who or what do you turn to?

Imagine a tool that is easy to use and does this for you!

As mentioned earlier, we have been on the look out for magical writing software that helps manage this task for us for a long time.

It was like a breath of fresh air when we saw a recent advertising campaign on Youtube (see the same video we saw below) that announced the new writing software for writers called Grammarly.

Now let me make this quite clear, we very rarely write a review of writing tools on this blog, in fact, we have never written a review of any writing tools as all these assuring writing tools usually turn out to be absolute garbage.

However, Grammarly was different and let me explain why in this full Grammarly review.

So what is Grammarly?

Grammarly is essentially a grammar checker to help automate the proofreading process for publications, books, articles and online content such as blog posts.

This software not only accurately recognises the grammatical mistakes yet also provides some helpful answers for each blunder made. It picks up any spelling errors immediately and presents the correct spelling of a word in real time.

Grammarly is proud of their software, so much in fact that they highlight it as being ‘the world’s most accurate grammar checker’.

With this much faith in a product then we just had to check it out.

For the purpose of this review, we registered the Premium service which costs around $29 to see how well Grammarly could help us with the writing process. However, there is a free version that you can try Grammarly immediately with not credit card required on registration.

Who is Grammarly for?

This tool has most certainly been developed with writers and content creators in mind. If you publish written content on a regular basis, then this just might be another tool for you to include in your arsenal.

I can also see this software being incredibly useful for students and reducing their time proof reading long essays.

The Grammarly Interface

I really wanted to mention the interface before anything else in this Grammarly review. I mean it is just beautifully simplistic. There are no ‘bells and whistles’ to distract you from your workflow.

The navigation and advanced features have been tucked away in the left-hand sidebar that allows the options to open up on demand when you hover your mouse cursor over the icons.

The content creation area uses the diaria light pro font which is crisp and a pleasure to the eyes while you type away on the computers keyboard for hours on end.

What I loved was the live-saving feature of Grammarly. As you type your document your work is automatically saved and backed up online so there is zero chance of your computer crashing and ending up loosing your work. It is truly a golden feature in my eyes.

If you are creating content on a regular basis then you may be working on multiple articles at the same time. What Grammarly does brilliantly is that it allows you to bounce back and forth between content without having to search or wait for the document to load. It’s SO FAST. Grammarly will display your most recent article first to speed this process up even more quickly for you.

Grammarly review 2016

Grammarly working within the WordPress platform

It Works Anywhere Online!

Yes, you heard it correctly, Grammarly helps you write mistake-free content on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web thanks to the simple to install Google Chrome extension. It was also great to see that it can be used in WordPress too.

How Easy to Use is Grammarly?

If you have ever used MS Word or Pages, you will have ZERO issues using Grammarly. It is intuitive in every way. Just create your account in under 2 minutes and start using it immediately with no instructions necessary. The Grammarly team have included a demo document in the main dashboard to help you understand how to use the different features which I felt was a nice touch.

Is Grammarly Just Another Word Processor?

This question has to be asked, and I am sure that it is on your mind as you continue to read this Grammarly review.

Now let’s be 100% transparent, Grammarly is not a word processor but can perhaps be seen as one in some instances. It is a tool to help the creation process for writers and save them time.

What is more is that Grammarly instantly fixes over 250 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word® can’t spot! So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Grammarly also has the ability to integrate with MS Word. Just install the software to your Mac or Windows computer and get started immediately. Grammarly will then start advising you on where you can improve your grammar inside of MS Word.

How Does Grammarly Help Writers And Content Creators?

By providing a clean interface and some excellent grammar correcting features, Grammarly can not only reduce the time it takes to write content but also make it a pleasure to do so.

Check For Plagiarism Before You Publish

Grammarly provides a live plagiarism tool that monitors over 8 billion websites for duplicate content. This reduces the need to have to copy and paste your content into Copyscape or any other online plagiarism checkers which in turn speeds up the writing process for you.

Can Grammarly Replace Human Proofreaders?

Even with its robust database and features, Grammarly does not replace a human proofreader completely.

It is most certainly an outstanding tool for self-publishers who are on a budget, and it does an excellent job when used correctly but don’t expect it to do everything for you automatically. There is still a requirement for you to review the content yourself.

How much does Grammarly cost?

There is a 100% free option which provides a watered down version. However, you will not have the access to the advanced features such as the vocabulary enhancements or plagiarism tools.

For only $29.95 per month, you will have full access to Grammarly, and it’s advanced features.

Is Grammarly Worth The Price?

The price may sound high at first and for less frequent content creation it probably would not be worth investing in. If you are writing on a regular basis or want to create the very best content possible, then the $29.95 price tag can easily be overlooked.

Other features that we would like to see in Grammarly

Although Grammarly ticks most boxes, we felt that there was still room for improvement.

As we publish the majority of our content online, then we would love to see an integration feature that allows the publishing of content in HTML format which marks up the headings of an article allowing to be copied and pasted directly into a web page or blog post. Even going as far as to include an option to directly publish to a WordPress site would be an outstanding feature for instant online publishing.

Including a heading or bold option is definitely missing here and is something that would actually improve this software.


  • Clean interface with no distractions
  • Provides instant grammar suggestions
  • Instant online saving
  • Outstanding plagiarism tool
  • Online and downloadable reporting system
  • Word count
  • Perfect for self-publishers
  • Change spelling from US to UK
  • Ideal for self-publishers
  • Perfect for students


  • Some may find the price a little high for the subscription
  • Not a full replacement for a human proofreader
  • No way of creating headlines or bold text

Final note

Overall I was very happy with what Grammarly had to offer. A refreshing interface and well thoughtout writing tool that helped tremendously with this Grammarly review.

I would highly recommend trying Grammarly for free to see what you think by clicking here. You really have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Give it a go and see if it can benefit your conent creation process.

Have you used Grammarly? Are you using a different writing tool? Let us know if you have any questions about our Grammarly review by leaving your comments below.

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