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illustration of one big link with multiple links making up the main image in multiple colours representing link building for seoLink building was originally the main (and mostly only) strategy that many SEO companies used to try and trick the search engines algorithms and rapidly increase a websites rankings.

However the tables have turned in the recent couple of years and where this worked in the past fortunately doesn’t work as well anymore. Yet link building is still an important part of the search engine optimization process and here’s why.

First of all what is it?

Link building is the process of obtaining links that are relevant and of high quality from a variety of other websites which direct traffic back to your website or blog. Links can be created in two ways:

  • URL
  • Anchor Text

URL Links

Url links are simply the full url of the website that you are linking back to. for example: ‘if you would like to learn more regarding link building then visit’

Anchor text

Anchor text is basically creating a clickable link (hyperlink) within the text/wording. An example of this would be: ‘if you would like to learn more regarding link building then be sure you visit this website.

The main motive of link building is to gain a number of relevant links mainly from websites that already have an established presence on the Internet.

link-building-for-seoIs there still value in building links to a website?

In recent years the big G and other search engines have fine tuned their algorithms to seek and destroy any websites that were once or currently trying to trick them. The bottom line is that the search engines simply want to deliver good relative content to their users instead of sending them to websites simply trying to advertise or subject visitors to affiliate garbage. This is why they have spent so much time in developing their algorithms.

Ok, so what does this have to do with building links?

As I mentioned in the first paragraph on this page, creating links to websites were the #1 way of ranking a website. back in the day all you had to do was create more links than your competitors to outrun them and you would win the game, it was that Simple! Unfortunately this attracted spammers by the bucket load and before we knew it, the front pages were full of one page squeeze page sites trying to earn a quick buck.

Does building links still work?

There is no doubt that processes still holds importance. Many search engines (including big G) still use link building as one of the ranking factors. It still remains one of the best ways of providing a thumbs up that your site holds good and worthwhile information regarding a particular topic.

Search engines pay close attention to the types of links leading back to your site along with their relevance and the content they are connected to. It is vital for the content to be informative and important. If you obtain good quality links, improving your search engine ranking can be considerably easier.

However with the recent boom in social media, video sites and web 2.0 platforms this is now not as much a benefiting factor. Having your content on multiple streams of online resources like videos, pdf’s, social media fan pages, podcasts, PR, and forums holds just as much value than simply relying on links. And having your content shared by the masses on these platforms is definitely the way to go. Think of the last time you shared something on your Facebook page, was it a photo, a video or a news article perhaps? This is what the SE (search engines) are looking for nowadays more so than ever before.

Watch Out…

There are still bad SEO operators out there in the online world who are offering back linking services. These operators don’t care about your website getting penalised or de-indexed from the search engines. Many can be found for as little as $5 usd on the website fiverr and other freelance websites. If you honestly believe you can get good quality links for only $5 then you must be crazy.

Benefits of Link Building

Many website owners wonder how link building can benefit them. As aforementioned, the process mainly helps with your SERP or Search Engine Ranking Position. When your ranking improves, it is obvious that more and more users will be able to find your website through major search engines. Thus, the traffic to your website will increase (the reason for SEO).

Keep in mind that the quality of the links is very important. If the quality is great, your SERP (search engine results position) will be great as well. Low quality links, on the other hand, can actually hurt your SERP. You must be very careful while link building. Your SEO campaigns will also show better performance and as a result of all these factors put together you will be able to increase your websites visits. With a better rank you will have better traffic (providing you are targeting the correct keywords of course!) and with more traffic will give you the best possible chance of increasing your websites profits.

How Can Upload International Help Me With This?

We first work to identify a series of well established websites that will impact your SEO campaign positively and then work out which page we should target on your website so that all incoming links lead to that particular page. We will also find out which links are relevant to you according to your products and services.

Link Building Features

  1. Manual Link Building: Having a professional do the job for you is always a better choice when compared to putting a software program to work for the same. All our link building professionals use manual means and processes to find websites and to produce links. These processes ensure that we ignore low quality websites that threaten to damage your reputation.
  2. Genuine Websites and Quality Links: We work to generate links based on the types of services and/or products you offer. We realize the importance of this step because choosing links that are not relevant to what you offer can be damaging. In fact, search engines have also been found to reprimand websites that have irrelevant links leading to them. To avoid spam and to be only in the good books of all search engines, we only choose genuine websites that have great value and provide quality links according to your business.
  3. Reporting: We generate status reports regularly to help you keep a track of all the information and progress from our end. You will be updated about everything that is being done from our end for your website. Our reports are proof that we are genuinely doing our job and working to help your website. Not many campaigns offer these reports and that creates doubt about the amount of work actually being done. You will not have that issue with our services.

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