What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, is just like standard SEO, as it focuses on improving your search engine rankings so that you get more visitors to your website. However, local SEO is more specific when compared to standard SEO because it focuses on the particular physical location of your business. Hence the reason why we refer to this as “local SEO”.

When you optimize your website based on a specific city or location, it is known as local search engine optimization. Many web users type in the name of their preferred city when they are looking for products and services, which is why local SEO can help you. For example “SEO Company In Dubai”.

local seo dubaiThe keywords play a major role in this type of SEO. The keywords need to include the specific location you have in mind as well. While some clients focus only on one particular city or place, some others have multiple locations.

Regardless of your preferences in this aspect, there are multiple strategies that you can apply in order to optimize your website locally and to perform better on search engines when users from that particular location search for products and services similar to what you have on offer. Therefore, local SEO is a unique opportunity to be very specific while targeting potential clients.

Why Choose Local SEO Over Organic SEO?

This is something that has confused a number of our clients so far. While organic SEO and local SEO, both are preferable, the results are different. The results that organic SEO fetches are general and focus only on the particular service or product. Local SEO results are specified because the keywords used for optimization in this case are specific to the product/service as well as the location. Thus, with organic SEO you will attract general users to your website and with local SEO you will attract regionally specific users. It is needless to say that local SEO will procure more customers who will make a purchase and may be even come back for more due to this specificity.

How Will Local SEO Help My Company?

If your company focuses on a local audience or provides goods and/or services locally, local SEO is definitely the right choice for you because it will help you bring in a lot of business directly. There are plenty of optimization strategies that you can apply based on specific regions so that local users who are looking for your products and/or services find your website with considerable ease. They will also be able to find your contact details and get in touch with you through any of the most popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

In short, the whole purpose of local SEO is to be very specific so that it increases the interest of web users in your particular product or services.

Why Should I Invest In Local SEO?

Search engine optimization can be the driving force of business on the Internet because it works to generate more interest about what you are offering. With search engine optimization, people who are specifically interested in your offerings will reach your website and that increases chances of purchase because the visitor is already interested. With local SEO these chances increase further because local SEO is even more specific and targeted. There are many web users today who are particular about the physical location of particular business and by choosing local SEO you can directly target these users.

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