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Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development is fast becoming the solution to engaging with your targeted audience. The look and feel of apps has come a long way from it’s origins with regards to the look, feel and overall user experience. With over 641 new apps being published per day according to this source, it is clear that mobile apps are in high demand and are fast becoming an integral part of the way we company’s are doing business.

By jumping on board this wave for your business can be a game changing marketing device to drive boost your traffic and profits! If you disagree with this then let me just point out that Rovio the makers of the Angry Birds series have generated over 1 billion dollars!

The big question is whether or not YOUR business is ready to engage in this technology and more to the point, can it benefit your business?

Your all-in-one solution is here!

At Upload International we help provide an all-in-one mobile application service to Dubai and the UAE.

We have an experienced team of masterful mobile app designers and developers who can make your app look stylish and coherent with your brand, but also useful and engaging at the same time.

Whether you are looking for a fun, addictive application to gift your clients with or a mobile app that serves the purpose of helping your customers engage and interact with you and your services, we can help deliver the desired result.

Ok so by this point you most likely have some questions, which is why we have collected all the most common questions and queries we get from our clients and included them below.

What are the categories of apps available?

Basic table functionality

If you are looking for a basic  mobile app that simply displays information about your products and services then this could be the ideal solution.

These types of mobile applications are sometimes referred to as ‘static’ apps.

Custom Database driven functionality

This type of mobile app travels beyond the above basic table functionality and allows for large category based information to be displayed and organised by the user. An example of this would be an app that allows clothing styles to be displayed in a certain order and allow searching for specific styles.

Custom database driven mobile apps require longer to develop as more thought and planning is required for the layout. It also will require a decision if you would prefer that the app is to native and therefore built into the application itself or whether you would like a dynamic app that allows information to be pulled and delivered from a server/host (a cloud based service if you like).

Modification of the device hardware or firmware

This style of application will allow custom or enhanced modifications to the built in applications (firmware) that come with the hand held device.

If you look on the android play store or the Apple store then you will find hundreds of apps that will offer custom camera photo filters and such like. A simple way to explain would be an app that changes the colour of your phones flash from white to blue.

Full dynamic apps

Ok, so now we are getting deeper and deeper into app development. Fully dynamic applications are similar to the database driven apps in that they only take information from an external host and deliver that information to the handset.

Now, to ensure that your customers receive the information quickly and provide a great experience, with as little lag as possible, then you will need fast hosting solution. Expect to invest $150+ on monthly hosting for these as dedicated servers are recommended.

Some great examples of full dynamic applications would be Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Flipboard, Ebay, Amazon, Last Minute and Hipmunk.

Custom utility Applications

These apps are designed and developed for the user to enter their own information and content. You can also be considered as software on your mobile device.

Some great examples of these style applications would be Word, Excel and Pages.

Gaming Applications

Gaming apps can be simple to extremely complex in the design and development. The sky is the limit with gaming applications.

It is crucial that you have a clear understanding of what you want from your app. Have 100% clarity and a detailed brief of what you want from the app then you will be able to reduce the chances of increased costs and glitches.

Mobile app development can be done fairly quickly and at a reasonable cost providing you have a plan.  If you are specifically looking for an app to serve as an additional income-generating tool then you must know what your end goal is.

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Did you know?


Did you know that there are 641 new apps being published per day?