The SEO Company in Dubai that gets results!

If you’re looking for an SEO Company in Dubai that gets results then you’re in the right place. We at Upload International help deliver remarkable results through our search engine optimization service.

By using our tested and measured SEO techniques that provide a predictable positive result, we are 100% confident that we can help your business succeed online.

Having a website is simply not enough these days. There is no question about it, to thrive online then you need targeted traffic. By hiring a trusted SEO Company in Dubai such as ourselves will help you locate and send buying, targeted traffic to your website.

With carefully tailored campaigns that are safe, great results and with no long contract tie-ins why wouldn’t you choose us as your SEO specialist?

Our Focus

If you have ever enquired or used other SEO Companies in Dubai in the past then you will know that they tend to focus on getting you as much traffic as possible. While this may sound intriguing to the unsuspecting business owner, simply getting thousands of irrelevant visits per month does not always increase your websites sales.

We take each of our client’s campaigns seriously as if we were starting a campaign for our own business, that’s why before we start your campaign we first conduct detailed keyword research for your industry to be certain that the keywords/key phrases are relevant and achievable.

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Safety First

With the increase in bad (black hat) SEO techniques by poor quality, unprofessional SEO companies in Dubai, more and more websites are being penalised and banned by the search engines as a direct result of low quality and bad SEO methods.

You can avoid becoming a victim of these SEO fraudsters by letting us help you with your SEO campaign. At Upload International we use the safest approach to all SEO campaigns. We carefully tailor and plan an SEO strategy specifically for your industry. Once the strategy is in place, our team then carefully starts implementing each step whilst monitoring the results on a daily basis to make sure your website is getting a positive result throughout it’s ranking journey.

Transparency is key

As a premium SEO service we make sure that we operate in the most transparent way we possibly can by provide you with monthly reports that are fluff-free and only highlight what really matters, your results!

Take a look at the type of report that we send you by clicking here.

No long-term contracts

Many SEO agencies will lock their customers into long-term contracts even when they don’t deliver the promised results. We don’t believe in locked in contracts and we never will.

We offer a month-by-month service to all our customers no matter the size of their business. For most SEO campaigns we recommend that you should invest in at least 3- 4 months to see a return on your investment as a result of the SEO campaign. Should you wish to cancel the service for whatever reason at anytime then that is totally fine by us, however when you start to see the positive results we generate then we are 100% confident that you’ll want to stay.

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SEO is Easy, Anyone Can Do it!

SEO can be a fairly simple process providing that you have an advanced understanding of how SEO actually works and what the search engine are looking for.

Being a professional SEO expert does require consistent education and consistent education in the new trends and updates that are released almost daily.

Unfortunately many cheap SEO companies in Dubai simply believe that throwing some poorly written, un-useful content and insert some links back to the main website is the best practice however we can assure you that SEO requires much more these days and the ‘old way’ is simply not working any longer.

What’s under the hood (how do we do it)?

When you buy a ticket and fly on a plane do you stop to ask the captain how the plane works? Probably not. But just in case you would like to know how we are going to help you rank your website then here is a brief overview of our methods.

SEO Keyword selection

Keyword selection

The first step of any successful campaign is to understand what keywords are relevant to your industry. Before we begin work, we will ask you to provide us with 5 – 10 keywords that you feel relates to your industry.

Keyword research

Once we have received your keywords we start our research process. Spending time to check each of your keywords for average monthly searches and competition strength we then deliver a report highlighting what we believe are the best for you to target.

Our team even goes one step further and provides additional keywords that also show promising results to which you can choose from to maximise your investment.

SEO Keyword Research
seo content creation

Content creation

While you are making the changes to your website, our experienced content writers will create 6 unique and original articles of 450 to 550 words. We will send you the articles on request should you wish to proof them first.

Article distribution

Once the articles have been written, we then sit down to carefully distribute them to our own trusted web sites, 2.0 sites and article directory. We carefully create trusted links back to your website pages.

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PDF Distribution

PDF distribution

Each of the articles we create will be converted into a PDF version and then syndicated to trusted PDF sharing websites. These sites will provide an additional traffic source back to your website.

Social media signals

Once all articles have been distributed we start to socially announce the content through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest and more.



While we are announcing the content we will also be bookmarking your websites pages as well as the content we have published. This method helps get the content indexed faster and can also provide a boost in traffic to these sources.

Directory listings

We find online directories that will benefit your website traffic and provide a small but effective signal to the search engines. We list your business in these trusted directories over the course of a month.

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Google my business

It is advisable that all businesses in Dubai and the UAE add their business to the Google business pages. Although this is something that we are unable to action ourselves due to the verification process, we will provide you with a simple step-by-step guide to help you do this quickly.

Video distribution

Video is by far one of the fastest ways to help increase your websites rankings as well as being a great way to generate new traffic to your website. Our video team will create a simple 1 – 2 minute promotional video slideshow that will highlight the benefits of your business or service and then distribute the video through popular and trusted video sites.

If you have your own pre-made promotional video then we will be more than happy to use it within our video distribution.

Video distribution

Forum posting

Although this is a technique that we mostly avoid, sometimes depending on our clients industry there maybe forums that are highly related. For this reason we would create accounts and positively contribute to any questions and discussions on the targeted forum and as a result gain links back to your website where forum members can get in contact with the experts aka you.


Where others fall, we pick up the pieces as far as our customer support is concerned. Whilst providing regular reports we will also continue to provide recommendations to your website that will help convert visitors into sales. What’s more is that we are only and email or a phone call away with our response time down to an hour at the longest.

Other benefits of working with the us as your chosen SEO company in Dubai are that we’ll provide results that are maintainable and protected, which means you can pay more attention on overseeing your business and not worry about your websites visibility.

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There are no guarantees with SEO but…

With any SEO campaign there are no guarantees. The only company that can guarantee a first page result are the search engine giants themselves.


What we do offer is our promise that should your website not get a positive result in the search engines within 3 months of our continuous SEO campaign then we will work for FREE until it does.

Did you know?

Up to 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of search results.

So what are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone or send us an email to get your website ranking in the search results by using the best SEO Company in Dubai.

Get Started

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We are 100% confident that you will be satisfied with your SEO results.

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So what’s the catch?

We will work on ranking your site for 3 – 10 keywords per month depending on the SEO service you choose. Google and the other search engines determine how and where your site ranks. As you will be aware, we are not Google nor do we have any affiliation with them and hence we and no other SEO company in Dubai knows exactly how their algorithm works yet we have used tried and tested techniques that have delivered our clients great results. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee that all your keywords will increase yet we shall never stop working until at least one keyword/phrase has improved in it’s ranking.

Your website must be SEO tuned prior to our SEO work commencing. This is what we refer to as on-site optimization. Keywords and keyphrases must be included in your websites page titles. Your website administrator can do this. If your unable to get your website administrator to action these changes then our team will be more than happy to assist. For us to be able to access the websites backend the we would require the relevant access usernames and passwords.

To help improve the rankings of a website it helps a considerable amount If the site is being updated on a regular basis. A great way of doing this is to add a blog or update the one you currently have on a weekly basis. It can be challenging to rank a website that rarely gets updated so we encourage you to do this to help your website climb the within the search engine rankings.

If we discover that your website is up against heavy competition for some of your keywords/keyphrases and we feel that it will be near impossible to improve upon your rankings then we will let you know before commencing with the project.

This site and the products and services offered here are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Bing, or Yahoo nor have we been reviewed tested or certified by these search engine sites. Any Website Company or SEO Company in Dubai that claims that they are associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Bing, or Yahoo are lying to you and they should be avoided at all costs and then reported to the respected company to which they are falsely making these claims.