SEO Update | Panda 4.2 Rollout

Panda 4.2 Unleashed!

Hi, it’s Mark Evans from Upload International SEO company in Dubai with an SEO tip for you today.

So Google have rolled out Panda version 4.2. Last time panda was rolled out was back on the 25th September 2015. The new update was rolled out on the 18th July so if you are a website owner or webmaster you may have already noticed some changes to the rankings of your website(s).

The new Panda update 2015 has affected an approximate 2-3% of all English queries so far.

So what does this mean?

Well, if your website was previously penalised back in September last year it means that you have been given a chance to make the relevant changes to the website to get it back ranking in the search results. This is good news for some and bad news for spammy, low quality websites.

Don’t get me wrong, you must ensure that you maintain good, useful and informative website content to be favoured by the search engine giant (no change here).

If on the other-hand, you are not providing good information to visitors and using spammy, blackhat and backlink techniques then that could cause you some problems. Google have sent out  plenty of signals of what they want and by this point any SEO professional should be using organic SEO as their strategy.

Ok, to round up, your task right now, today, is to review your websites content and ensure it is up to date, relevant and useful to visitors. Avoid engaging in any form of bad SEO strategies and give Google what they want.

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This is Mark Evans from Upload International.

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