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Why Get Someone To Manage Your Social Media Accounts?

It simply boils down to TIME! It takes a minimum of 10 minutes a day to create good content ready to post that will captivate your audience. This equates to 5 hours per month and that’s just for posting on 1 social media account.

If you are using Twitter and Instagram then you could be looking at over 15 hours per month just on getting the right content and if your using Youtube then even more time wasted in creating high quality videos with your company branding.

Imagine all the more productive you could be by saving over 15 hours per month.

Using a good Social Media Management Firm can also help you target the right demographic and potential customers. Do you know how to run a successful Facebook campaign? Do you know how to boost posts to help reach out to more people?

Why is social media such a great marketing strategy?

With the steady growth of popularity in social media it is becoming more vital than ever in the business world to focus their efforts in Social Media.

More and more businesses are at last realising that a large portion of their prospective clients can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and YouTube however don’t have the specialised knowledge to help them engage with their social media clients.

This is where Upload International steps in and offers a helping hand in assisting with their campaigns and content creation through the SM channels.

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So what are the benefits?

  • Tap into a new breed of customer

    Generate new leads and a new income stream by reaching customers that are hiding on social media.

  • Build Trust

    Social media allows brands to communicate directly with their customers like never before and build personal trust, which in turn can become a regular sale.

  • Stay in touch

    Using Social Media helps keep your brand in the customer’s minds and increases the likeliness to purchase from you in the future.