Social Media Management Tips For Businesses

social media agency dubaiYou will find many social media tips online from experts and social media management companies which is great but how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

Well we have tried and tested some of the advice and strategies to see what actually works and what definitely doesn’t.

Here is one tip that has worked well for several clients of ours.

Drive traffic back to your website

Creating invaluable content that is useful and informative on your website or blog is a great way of generating new traffic and hopefully customers (providing there is some form of call to action).

Social media should be used as a beacon to announce your blog or website content. Many industry experts will tell you that you should own the racecourse and not just the racehorse (basically don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket).

Social media pages and accounts can be shut down at the flick of a switch so by posting your content on your own web property where you are in total control of what stays and what needs to go.

The content that you post should of course be in-line with your industry and be informative to your audience. For example if you were a bakery then posting something about how to train your cat to stay off your sofa would not be targeted to your audience. How to keep your cakes fresh and last longer would be a more relevant topic for discussion as well as being helpful.

Once you have created your website or blog post content it is recommended that you use a captivating image that will entice your audience to click and read more when they see it in their newsfeed. Using your own images/photos is best however if you do not posses a camera or don’t have the luxury of time to take photos then a way around this is to buy photos or images online from such sites as istockphoto or shutterstock to name a few.

So let’s recap

  1. Create captivating related content
  2. Post content on your own website property
  3. Use images or videos to capture your audience’s attention

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