How to achieve better on-page search engine optimization

How to achieve better on-page search engine optimization

From choosing the right keywords to strategically placing them in our content to looking at advanced practices for the same, we want to optimize our content in the best possible manner so as to ensure established presence over the Internet and boost your SEO investments.

Some means may be extremely difficult and advanced but that doesn’t mean we avoid them just because we don’t understand them. On-page optimization can be achieved in quite a few simple steps as well, which are straight forward and can be made easy to understand. In today’s following blog post I will explain the simple approach to optomizing your website ready to get more traffic.

illustration of on-page website optimization ready for SEO campaignsKeyword Research

To start off with, you must focus on the keywords that you are targeting and that are RELEVANT (I can’t stress that enough). Of course, according to recent algorithm changes, individual keywords may not be as helpful as they previously were but even now, you must create a base with keyword research itself.

When you do this, you will have a clear idea about your target customers. You will also be more aware of the competition you will be facing and have to win the race for those particular keywords. With this knowledge you will be able to structure your plans and shortlist popular keywords with stiff but beatable competition. Your main objective will be to find keywords that people think, speak, and type on Google or any other search engine in a natural way.

Topic and Theme Research

Once you have narrowed down your keywords, then you must start researching topics. Instead of focusing on every individual keyword, you must focus on a theme based on the shortlisted keywords. Check the secondary keywords and then think of what people may search for in relation to them. Now, depending on this research you can form supporting phrases around which your content will start taking shape.

While writing content, you must remember that quality is paramount. Your content must be relevant to your audience in that it answers questions that they usually have. Your content should deserve the top spot in the search engine, which means it should answer the frequently asked questions. Only when the search engine realizes that your content is good enough will it rank you accordingly. Another factor here is user experience. Users must want to come back to your website for more information.

Keep It Natural

The language you use must be natural and it must flow with the topic. In other words, no information must seem forced, just because you must use a particular keyword in the content. To ensure this, you should be flexible during keyword research. Identify different ways in which searchers may look for the topic in question. All the important content must be in the main sections of your website. Important content must never be in the sidebar or the footers because not many will even bother about these sections. Search engines can never be tricked with JavaScript or CSS tricks. Keep it simple and strategic for it to work in your favour.

Your content must also have appropriate backbone and structure, which means that it should include tables, lists, paragraphs, and headers. This will help search engines identify your targeting strategy because it provides clarity.

It is needless to say that good grammar, spelling, organization, and citing sources is an absolute must. Neglecting any of these can land you in trouble. Also, plagiarism must be avoided at all costs.

We do not need advanced tricks or a super computer for on-page optimization. It is simple and easy as long as you are strategic and patient.

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Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

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So today I’m here with some advice for you business owners out-there. There are many bad operators in most markets these days and the SEO industry is no different.

So, beware of:

  • Sales Reps
  • Contracts
  • Guarantees

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