How To Design A Logo

How To Design A Logo For Your Business

Wherever you are sitting and reading this blog post right now, take a look around you. There is a strong chance that there is a company or brands logo within sight. Can’t see one? Check your clothes! Yep, theres one.

Logo’s can serve as an instant prompt of a product or brand and are regarded as an important marketing tool for many businesses.

Think Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Fedex and Google. As your reading this you are likely to be able to visualise exactly what their logos look like. Powerful stuff right?

These day’s it is essential to have a website to support your product or service and obtain additional leveraged revenue. Without a logo present on your website then how will visitors know who you are?

With more businesses out there than ever before it can sometimes be challenging to come up with new ideas for logos and in most cases a massive creative blockage.

So what goes into creating a logo for your business or brand?

Some may think that there is little work involved in creating a logo which is sometimes a case of ignorance on their part.

Sure, there are cheap logo designers out there where you can get a logo for as little as $5. Now your probably thinking “wohoo! a logo for only $5! Where do I buy?” The question I ask you is; do you really value your business at $5? If you do then please email me and I will happily point you in the direction for a $5 logo design. If not and your serious about your businesses success then keep reading.

A good logo designer will ask you the right questions and get a clear picture of your businesses goals and vision. They will hand draw the logo from scratch so you can be sure that it is 100% original and not some kind of templates design that a thousand other companies maybe using.

How do you create something original that stands out in a sea of identities? And how do we create something quickly while retaining quality?

In this article, we’ll first look at the basic principles of designing a logo and share some pro tips for finessing your process…

Simplicity is the key!

Don’t make your logo over complicated. A great designer once told me that if your logo is able to be read on a fax then your onto a winner. Make it easy to recognise with 2-3 colours max (this will also be easier to print).

Memorable and effective logos have a uniqueness about them, is there a line or shape that illustrates your service or brand? Can this be added within the logo?

Take a look at the Fedex logo below:

The fedex logo used as an example for logo design

Can you see it? yep, that’s right, there is an arrow pointing to the right in-between the ‘E’ & ‘X’. Pretty cool right?

Make it a memorable one

A well designed logo will stick in the consumers minds. Does your logo design explain what the service or product is? Is your logo design appropriate to what it is you offer?

Make it future proof

Be careful of falling into the fad design logos. We have seen many logo theme designs come and go over the last couple of years. A good logo will withstand the test of time on it’s appearance. Think Nike for example. When will a tick become obsolete or old? It never will is the answer.

Avoid using a product in the logo that will only be around for the next 5 years. Changing your logo will be costly and can disrupt your identification.

I hope that you will be able to take these elements away with you and will help you in your search for the perfect logo for your brand or business.

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