3 Original SEO Strategies That Still Work

3 Original SEO Strategies That Still Work

SEO has changed throughout the years and it has become used more and more as a great way to increase business for many businesses.  The web has been swamped with various new SEO strategies and tips that promise a good return on money and time however there are 3 strategies that have not changed since search engine optimization begun.


Useful Content

Google has always highlighted that ‘content is king’ and we are also a firm believer of this (which is one of the reasons that we create useful content for our blog).

When you create content for your website your focus should not only be around the keywords you are using to attract more visits but more focused on the end user… your readers!

Don’t create content for the sake of it, write and design it to be as helpful as possible for the reader.

Keep paragraphs to a minimum. Short but useful paragraphs of information are more powerful and can be easier to digest than paragraphs of fluff.

Your goal should be to answer or solve your readers problem to ensure that they get what they came for.

Your content should be readable and not stuffed with keywords that become irritating after reading over and over again.

Page Title Tags

Regarded as the next most important aspect of good search engine optimization practice.

Not only do well-written title tags tell the search engines what information your web page provides but it is also helpful to readers who are searching for answers.

There are many plugins such as the Yeost SEO plugin for WordPress, that will help auto generate a title tag however I would highly recommend that you write your own.

If you need help with creating a page title then head over to a previous post that we covered this in by clicking here.

Visitor experience

I am afraid that just having great content and a good page title is not enough. When your reader lands on your web page they must be able to navigate through your content and find more answers around the topic they are researching.

A big SEO factor is how long a visitor stays on your page and website. This term is referred to by Google as ‘Bounce Rate’.

A low bounce rate is a good indication that your content and website provides great answers and intriguing content.

Use visual images and video as a way of explaining about the topic in question. Hold them by the hand and guide them to other content that is relevant and interesting.

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Basic SEO Tip #1

Basic SEO Tip #1

Each week we will be providing some free advice to our website customers and blog readers in regards to their websites on page SEO and improve their overall website rankings.


Since we have started providing SEO for local businesses in Dubai and worldwide, we have witnessed some great websites that look amazing however due to the lack of search engine optimization the web developers missed out some basic seo fundamentals.

So we are here to pick up the pieces and give you some absolute gold advise (for free) and give your website an extra push.

This week I want to start at the top (and when I say top I mean TOP).

seo company dubaiPage Title

This may sound obvious to most however as I mentioned earlier, we have personally seen 100’s of websites miss this #1 on page seo procedure.

We work with a lot of local seo clients in Dubai. It still surprises me when clients who have used another SEO agency in Dubai have not received any on-page SEO advice and recommended changes. One of which is the websites page title.

If you want to give your website a better chance of ranking in the search pages then your first port of call is the websites page titles.

The correct structure of the page title should be as follows:

Keyword(s) | Company Name

Or if you are targeting local customers then:

Keyword(s) Location | Company Name

For example, if your business was a dog grooming salon in Dubai then you would use the following page title:

Dog Grooming Dubai | Pooch Paradise

If you where offering this service wordwide then it would simply be:

Dog Grooming | Pooch Paradise

Make sense? Great.

How can you check your websites page titles without being a developer?

We highly recommend SEO Quake which is a free tool that installs on your browsers website extensions. You can get it by visiting

If you have any questions then please ask us in our comments section below.

SEO Update | Panda 4.2 Rollout

Panda 4.2 Unleashed!

Hi, it’s Mark Evans from Upload International SEO company in Dubai with an SEO tip for you today.

So Google have rolled out Panda version 4.2. Last time panda was rolled out was back on the 25th September 2015. The new update was rolled out on the 18th July so if you are a website owner or webmaster you may have already noticed some changes to the rankings of your website(s).

The new Panda update 2015 has affected an approximate 2-3% of all English queries so far.

So what does this mean?

Well, if your website was previously penalised back in September last year it means that you have been given a chance to make the relevant changes to the website to get it back ranking in the search results. This is good news for some and bad news for spammy, low quality websites.

Don’t get me wrong, you must ensure that you maintain good, useful and informative website content to be favoured by the search engine giant (no change here).

If on the other-hand, you are not providing good information to visitors and using spammy, blackhat and backlink techniques then that could cause you some problems. Google have sent out  plenty of signals of what they want and by this point any SEO professional should be using organic SEO as their strategy.

Ok, to round up, your task right now, today, is to review your websites content and ensure it is up to date, relevant and useful to visitors. Avoid engaging in any form of bad SEO strategies and give Google what they want.

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This is Mark Evans from Upload International.

Top 8 SEO Tips

Top 8 SEO Tips

SEO has managed to stump many of us but the truth is that you don’t have to be an expert to do it. In fact, there are many SEO tips that you can apply without detailed knowledge of SEO or the budget. You just need to find the time to learn about them and then implement them. Listed below are a few tips that are free and extremely useful:


The core ranking factor of any website is dependant on the content of the site. Relevant content will increase the quality of your website and people will have a great reason to not just visit but also keep coming back for more. Well written content that is relative to your industry on each and every page of your website works like a charm.


We swear by this tip. We have tried and tested it for you as well. The main thing to remember with the blog is to ensure that it is informative and interesting (and relative to your industry). The target should be the customer and not the search engine. The golden rule is not to just write content for keywords sake.

Like I said, it worked for us and still is. It shouldn’t be done purely as an SEO play, as simply producing content to write a blog that attracts attention. Of course, some businesses may find this tough but every business can come up with several relevant articles to put up. Overtime these will help with indexing and ranking. If you have no time to create your content then outsourcing it maybe a cheaper/faster option. We offer a content creation service that is powerful and fast.

illustration containing the word SEO with targets and arrows scattered around plus hands holding the arrows representing seo tips from an seo company in dubaiThe Visitor Comes First

As I mentioned in the above tips, you should not be obsessed with keywords. Yes, they are important but that doesn’t mean you write content just for the sake of cramming keywords into it. Also, using multiple keywords even where they are not needed will only bring you trouble. You should work towards creating relevant pages that attract readers. Your business and advise is for them, isn’t it?

Get Onto Social Media

Social media is one of the best channels for small businesses to establish themselves online and one of the cheapest options providing it is done well. There are many different social media sites and not all of them may suit your business model. Thus, you can experiment and find the best. Create profiles with accurate information; especially contact details, on all major platforms. Social media presence also helps with search rankings. Again, if you don’t have time to dedicate to your social media then get our help by Clicking Here.

Don’t Fall Trap To Promises from Agencies

Organic ranking comes with zero shortcuts. You have to work towards it. A good SEO agency will never promise you page one ranking. That is simply not always possible.

A good SEO agency will work towards improving your ranking as much as possible. If any agency guarantees page one rank, steer clear of it. Also, as you can see, SEO is quite simple and you don’t really need to hire an agency providing you have the patients and time to dedicate to it.

If you do hire an agency, you must keep a track of what’s going on. If you see quick results you should be very stringent as this could be due to some black hat seo strategy which will get picked up by Google and the other search engines resulting in your site being de-indexed.

Organic SEO takes time to give you leads and deliver results. If you see short-term methods such as aggressive link building, you may feel happy about the results at first but you should know that in the long term, Google will punish you for your shortcuts.

URL Must Be Simple

Visitors should know what the page is about through the URL itself. for example

Keep An Eye On Competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing to improve their ranking. You can find out their target keywords by going through their websites. This will help give you ideas for articles and an understanding of what is working.

Keyword Planner From Google

If you are short on keyword ideas, you should use Google Keyword Planner for it. It will give you information about keywords and the competition surrounding them. Also, you should be very careful about choosing and using keywords. If you choose too many and use all of them, your content will be stuffed. Visitors and Google, both will dislike this. Select only a couple of keywords and use them naturally, make them informative and flow.

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Is It Time To Change Your SEO Strategy?

Is It Time To Change Your SEO Strategy?

SEO best practices will change regardless of what you think about the changes. SEO is nothing less than volatile, which is why you shouldn’t get too snug with your current strategy. All search engines including Google are changing and you must evolve with them too, if you want to see success.

On the bright side, the advances in SEO are not overwhelming. You can start working on them easily and readying your business for the future.

The evolution of SEO in 2015

If you want to stay on par with the changes in SEO you should start off by understanding what changes are coming in this field. The most feasible way to do this is to categorise various aspects of SEO and then comparing them with the past. What was acceptable until now? How has it changed? What are search engines looking for now?

Once you get a hang of the new SEO in comparison with the old SEO a number of things will clear up and you will be able to strategize accordingly. A few changes have been listed below:

The SEO mindset

Previously: The entire SEO world revolved around keywords and ultimately getting ranked well on SERPs. Many people gave the methodology of being ranked a miss and thought that didn’t matter as long as you were on page one.

Nowadays: Now, it is important to focus on the quality of your offerings, customer engagement, and the reputation of your brand. You must pay attention to how well your brand is being received online instead of focusing on its rank.

Content approach

Previously: In the past and now, content was important for readers but marketers never followed that rule. They kept the SERP ranking in mind and wrote content full of keywords accordingly. The content was written not for readers but for search engines.

Nowadays: When Google released the Panda algorithm, this mindset changed (it had to). Content must now focus only on the readers, failing which search engines will remove your site from their indexes. You will be ranked based on the relevance of your content and your visitors engagement on the page. The longer the visitor stays on your website the better the content must be.

Link building best methods

Previously: Just like in the case of content, link building was supposed to be relevant. However, marketers chose to ignore that and started concentrating on building as many links as possible that redirected to their website. Forums and directories became very popular due to this.

Nowadays: Google and other search engines will blacklist you if you continue to create irrelevant links. Today, you must earn your links by building relationships with relevant sources. The relevance of every link coming back to your site is checked. Thus, you should be very particular and selective in order to stay in the good books of search engines.

Keyword mentality

Previously: Up until now, one keyword had the entire focus and marketers would work only on that particular keyword.

Nowadays: Now, Google is giving importance to what the searcher is typing. It is the intent of the keyword along with long tail searches that are being given preference. In other words, you should focus on semantic SEO through creativity if you want more traffic and a better rank.

Social media approach

Previously: Since people focused too much on rankings, they never bothered about using social media for brand building. Back then, social media presence was not considered while ranking a website.

Nowadays: Today, SEO and social media almost work hand in hand. Social media is still not considered during ranking but it helps a lot with visibility and audience building. Jeff Bullas, the online marketer, said that 47% Americans swear by Facebook for their business growth. That is why the attitude towards social media has changed significantly today.

What You Should Do

SEO will never be static and neither should you. You should always be aware of the changes and you should evolve your strategies accordingly in order to succeed. To stay on top of this as well as running a business can be an almost near impossible feat which is why you should consider hiring an SEO service to do it for you and remove the strain on your time. Our team are on standby to get your business online fast!

7 practical seo tips for 2015

7 Practical SEO Tips For 2015

At the start of a new year, our team like to reflect on our achievements and learning experiences from the previous year and make sure that we focus on what works to ensure that we improve our performance and results.

As we didn’t send you a Christmas present this year, we thought that we would give you 7  practical tips for SEO in 2015 instead, which based on our results, are the best strategies to use currently.

Optimize Page Titles

Title tags are important because search engines use these tags to display the page in the results of a particular search.

The title tag gives information about the page and while it allows only 55-60 characters, the title tag must be descriptive and compelling enough not just to make search engines rank you well but also to make searchers click to read more. The targeted keyword must preferably be in the beginning itself.

Keywords Are Vital But Not Precise

flat design illustration of a previous year review regarding a websites seo performanceIn 2014, Google announced that AdWords, its paid search service, will not work based on exact keyword matches. It would also pick co-varieties of the keyword chosen.

Thus, it is safe to assume that organic search now works along the same lines as well even though this has not been specifically publicized. You don’t need to work about precise keywords anymore.

Now, inbound marketing tactic and inbound marketing tactics will give you the same results thanks to the new targeting strategy adopted by AdWords.

Also, even if someone misspells a keyword, it won’t affect search results negatively.

Use One Keyword or Topic To Optimize Your Site Page

You cannot get away with keyword “stuffing” anymore but that’s not even the point here. Right now, your focus should be solely on one keyword or one idea and the pages must be optimized according to it.

The keywords you use must appear in the page title, the heading, and the image alt text. They must also appear in the content naturally without seeming forced.

In other words, the entire content of the page must be relevant and optimized at the same time. At no point should it seem like you have written it for search engine and not for readers.

Build Natural Links

Inbound links are still very important when it comes to ranking a page. However, you must make sure that all the links are natural and are highly relevant. This year, make it a point to monitor all your inbound links so that you are positive that they are helping you grow and that all the links are only from high quality websites.

Optimize the Image Alt Text

It is not enough to optimize the content on your page. You must also optimize the images. Add keywords to the file name of the image and the image alt text so that the search engines crawl the images as well.

URL Should be Short and Descriptive

Not many people realize the importance of the URL. It is in fact, the first thing a search engine notices while ranking a page.

That is why your URL must be short so that search engines crawl easily. It should also be descriptive and must enable categorization of your website pages according to the targeted keyword and the topic so that it helps your page rank.

Increase Your Website’s Speed

It was in 2011 when Google made it clear that speed matters a lot. It is the same even today. The speed of your site is important because it impacts the overall user experience.

User experience is in turn a very crucial factor when it comes to ranking a website. Users hate to wait and if you make them do it, they will leave.

Users love everything to be fast and you have no other option but to cater to those preferences. We have a few tips that you can apply to increase speed:

Use Google or HubSpot or any such tool to test the speed of your site.

Solve these issues by reaching experts who will clean your site up for you and the speed will be better automatically.

Make sure the web server is able to handle the needs of your website. If the server is overloaded, your site will be slow.

Identify culprits: Too many and/or large images, embedded media or videos, too many plugins, and clunky coding.

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How to achieve better on-page search engine optimization

How to achieve better on-page search engine optimization

From choosing the right keywords to strategically placing them in our content to looking at advanced practices for the same, we want to optimize our content in the best possible manner so as to ensure established presence over the Internet and boost your SEO investments.

Some means may be extremely difficult and advanced but that doesn’t mean we avoid them just because we don’t understand them. On-page optimization can be achieved in quite a few simple steps as well, which are straight forward and can be made easy to understand. In today’s following blog post I will explain the simple approach to optomizing your website ready to get more traffic.

illustration of on-page website optimization ready for SEO campaignsKeyword Research

To start off with, you must focus on the keywords that you are targeting and that are RELEVANT (I can’t stress that enough). Of course, according to recent algorithm changes, individual keywords may not be as helpful as they previously were but even now, you must create a base with keyword research itself.

When you do this, you will have a clear idea about your target customers. You will also be more aware of the competition you will be facing and have to win the race for those particular keywords. With this knowledge you will be able to structure your plans and shortlist popular keywords with stiff but beatable competition. Your main objective will be to find keywords that people think, speak, and type on Google or any other search engine in a natural way.

Topic and Theme Research

Once you have narrowed down your keywords, then you must start researching topics. Instead of focusing on every individual keyword, you must focus on a theme based on the shortlisted keywords. Check the secondary keywords and then think of what people may search for in relation to them. Now, depending on this research you can form supporting phrases around which your content will start taking shape.

While writing content, you must remember that quality is paramount. Your content must be relevant to your audience in that it answers questions that they usually have. Your content should deserve the top spot in the search engine, which means it should answer the frequently asked questions. Only when the search engine realizes that your content is good enough will it rank you accordingly. Another factor here is user experience. Users must want to come back to your website for more information.

Keep It Natural

The language you use must be natural and it must flow with the topic. In other words, no information must seem forced, just because you must use a particular keyword in the content. To ensure this, you should be flexible during keyword research. Identify different ways in which searchers may look for the topic in question. All the important content must be in the main sections of your website. Important content must never be in the sidebar or the footers because not many will even bother about these sections. Search engines can never be tricked with JavaScript or CSS tricks. Keep it simple and strategic for it to work in your favour.

Your content must also have appropriate backbone and structure, which means that it should include tables, lists, paragraphs, and headers. This will help search engines identify your targeting strategy because it provides clarity.

It is needless to say that good grammar, spelling, organization, and citing sources is an absolute must. Neglecting any of these can land you in trouble. Also, plagiarism must be avoided at all costs.

We do not need advanced tricks or a super computer for on-page optimization. It is simple and easy as long as you are strategic and patient.

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Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And Worldwide

Hi it’s Mark Evans here from Upload International web design and SEO company in Dubai. And I’m here today with a daily tip for you.

So today I’m here with some advice for you business owners out-there. There are many bad operators in most markets these days and the SEO industry is no different.

So, beware of:

  • Sales Reps
  • Contracts
  • Guarantees

Choosing The Right SEO Company In Dubai And WorldwideAt Upload International we don’t offer any of these. All our results are proven results from past clients and we give you an estimated timescale on how long you can expect to wait to get on the top of the search engine results.

So if your looking for a reputable search engine optimisation company that has proven results from current and previous clients then look no further at Upload International we can help you.

Click here and one of our team will get in contact with you today.

Thank you so much and see you on the next video.