3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

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3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

It’s been an interesting month so far with plenty of activity, rumours and potential Google algorithm changes in the pipeline. Here are the top 3 SEO news stories that we think you should know about.

Images appearing in Googles March update?

Depending on where you are located, you may have noticed some thumbnail images appearing in the Google search results recently.

Speculation in the SEO forums believe that Google could well be testing a new update in the pipeline that focuses on images.

Possible March update from Google

March 2016 saw some huge ripples in the SERPS (search result pages). Many website owners and SEO experts saw some substantial movements, some positive and some negative.

Without any official announcement from Google this could well have been a Google update. Watch this space!

Image filters added to the Google image search

If you head on over to Googles image search then you may well find some nice new addition to their search filters.

They have provided a helpful colour pallet in the form of buttons that allows the user to sort images by a specific colour.

Image of the new Google image filter buttons

Google users have previously been able to do this (see image below) but not in as much detail as they can now.

Check out Brian Edwards PMG who have posted some excellent information in regards to this update.

screenshot of Googles previous image filter pallet that could help your seo.

What you should take away from this…

Well the answer is pretty clear, using high quality images that are correctly named and have descriptive alt text to them is a must.

As web design becomes more advanced with regards to appearance and design less text is used and for this reason images should be optimized in the correct manner for SEO.

Focus should always be on the end user of the website and not on SEO.

As we have said before, give Google’s users what they want and you shall be rewarded.

Basic SEO Tip #1

Basic SEO Tip #1

Each week we will be providing some free advice to our website customers and blog readers in regards to their websites on page SEO and improve their overall website rankings.


Since we have started providing SEO for local businesses in Dubai and worldwide, we have witnessed some great websites that look amazing however due to the lack of search engine optimization the web developers missed out some basic seo fundamentals.

So we are here to pick up the pieces and give you some absolute gold advise (for free) and give your website an extra push.

This week I want to start at the top (and when I say top I mean TOP).

seo company dubaiPage Title

This may sound obvious to most however as I mentioned earlier, we have personally seen 100’s of websites miss this #1 on page seo procedure.

We work with a lot of local seo clients in Dubai. It still surprises me when clients who have used another SEO agency in Dubai have not received any on-page SEO advice and recommended changes. One of which is the websites page title.

If you want to give your website a better chance of ranking in the search pages then your first port of call is the websites page titles.

The correct structure of the page title should be as follows:

Keyword(s) | Company Name

Or if you are targeting local customers then:

Keyword(s) Location | Company Name

For example, if your business was a dog grooming salon in Dubai then you would use the following page title:

Dog Grooming Dubai | Pooch Paradise

If you where offering this service wordwide then it would simply be:

Dog Grooming | Pooch Paradise

Make sense? Great.

How can you check your websites page titles without being a developer?

We highly recommend SEO Quake which is a free tool that installs on your browsers website extensions. You can get it by visiting

If you have any questions then please ask us in our comments section below.

Panda 4.2 Released | Upload International

Why shouldn’t I use a cheap SEO Company In Dubai?

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Why shouldn’t I use a cheap SEO Company In Dubai?


Well where do I start? I will keep this Blog post brief and bullet point later on the major challenges that you can face when using a cheap SEO company in Dubai.


As a reputable SEO company in Dubai we regularly meet with our potential clients to discuss and get a better understanding of their needs and requirements. Pricing is usually discussed toward the end of our meeting and a common comment made is ‘that’s quite expensive, I have seen other SEO companies offer the service for half the price’.  And they have a valid point. As a premier digital marketing agency we understand that we are not the cheapest on the market and we openly admit this.


There’s no argument, all business owners must be price conscious when it comes to marketing their business and services. Having a clear understanding of where your investment of capital and time is a must in the business world. If you where looking to advertise in a magazine for example, you would want to know where your advertisement would be placed, the size, how many subscribers they have, the number of copies distributed per month and the full pricing options before you make an educated decision on whether to go ahead and invest. Well, search engine optimization is no different.


Sure you can get cheaper magazine advertisements however it’s a difference of a jeweller advertising in Dry Wall Weekly and Vanity Affair. Basically you get what you pay for… or do you?


It pains me to see so many businesses investing in cheap SEO solutions and not getting a result or worse yet, getting their website banned by the search engines, yes, I said BANNED.


Cheap SEO can be extremely detrimental to a websites. There’s a good reason why the price is competitive in our industry and it really boils down to one thing, QUALITY MATTERS.


If you would like to save yourself the time and money with cheap SEO companies and get your website banned yourself, then I can give you their methods and sources here and now, for free! It’s really no skin off my nose.


These cheap SEO companies attempt to rank your website by submitting your website to link farms, link submitting tools, comment spamming and low quality, untrusted websites which usually get picked up by Google and get taken down within a few months due to their highly intelligent algorithms.


Thank goodness the search engines are on your side. The big G has rolled out several algorithm changes over the last 5 years, which has slowly stomped out the use of these black hat methods. The only problem is that genuine business owners who have been investing their hard earned money into cheap SEO that have been and still are practicing these spammy, black hat methods have had or will, eventually ruin the online presence of the websites. It’s a dangerous game and highly in favour of the search engines.


Many business owners use the phrase ‘I will try it for cheap and if it doesn’t work out then I wont have lost anything’, if this is you then I have news my friend, it will harm you and it will ruin your online presence in the future. Once a website has had several thousand bad links sent to it then it becomes a monumentally expensive process to remove these links and rebuild the websites reputability.


If your thinking of investing in an SEO service in Dubai then do it properly and invest in a company that has proven results, excellent up-to-date knowledge of the industry, gets what your business is about and will help drive results for you.


grl thinking looking o the left regarding is cheap seo worth the investmentWhat a cheap SEO company will do:

  • Offer to rank your website for low search terms
  • Create thousands of untrusted links to your website
  • Get your website de-indexed
  • Provide a 100% guarantee of results
  • Promise #1 rankings
  • Use robots to create and distribute content
  • Target 10+ keywords per month
  • Spam other websites in the hope that they accept a link
  • Get your domain blacklisted and in return prevent your emails from reaching your customers


What a professional SEO company will do:

  • Conduct detailed keyword research based on your suggestions and provide detailed results
  • Research your current online competition and feed this back to you
  • Suggest starting small and only targeting 3 – 5 keywords/phrases per month
  • Action a full audit of your website and recommend areas of improvement in optimizing your website ready for an SEO campaign
  • Handwrite well content and distribute it on trusted web properties
  • Distribute content on trusted web properties
  • Announce your content across all social media platforms
  • Provide you with a monthly report outlining the ranking improvements


As you can see above in black and white, if you care about your website and the results it will get for you through SEO then it’s highly recommended to choose and SEO company in Dubai that cares about your business and its online results.


Upload International offers professional SEO packages that are suited for all types of businesses who have an established website. For more information or to get in contact with us then click here.

Does SEO in Dubai follow the same SEO principles as everywhere else?

Does SEO in Dubai follow the same SEO principles as everywhere else?

Just thought that I would post this today, as it’s been on my mind the last few days and I feel that it will provide some answers.

Last week I met with one of my clients who asked me if seo in Dubai was the same as anywhere else. I looked at her for a moment whilst I processed the question before providing my answer. Her question did make me think.

Now I need to straighten out something, SEO is the same in all countries providing potential visitors are searching for the keywords in that countries native language or in English.

flat design illustration of seo in dubaiLet me explain, for example, in Dubai, there is a mixture of languages such as Arabic, English, Pilipino and Hindi. If you have a website that has English on it then it should be optimized for English search phrases and keywords.

From my research I have conducted for my local seo clients in Dubai, I can safely say that there are more searches conducted in English as apposed to any other language.

Many websites in Dubai mainly contain English as their chosen ‘default’ language so to find these websites, the general public enters English terms and business names to find them. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many Arabic websites in the UAE too which is great and are targeting their Arabic customers.

So to quickly recap, when researching and working on an SEO campaign it is important to ensure tht you are optimising your website for your ideal customers. Your target keywords should be in the same language to which your website is built upon.

If you are a business owner reading this and would like to learn more on how we maybe able to help you increase your websites visibility in the search engines then please click here for more information on our seo service.

5 Ways To Increase Your Local SEO Rankings

5 Ways To Increase Your Local SEO Rankings

Over the past I have personally seen many businesses struggle and fail to rank their websites due to them or a their SEO company miss the basic foundations of local seo. Below are 5 ways to increase your local seo rankings and provide you with the best possible chance to get your business discovered on the search engine results.

Google my business

Submitting your business to Google is one of the very first steps that you should take to help increase your websites local rankings. Visit Google My Business and provide Google with as much information about your business. Provide details such as exact location, address details, contact numbers, website URL, the industry you are in and opening times.

Once you have provided Google with this information, you will then be asked to verify the information. Depending on your Industry, Google will offer to send out a postcard, phone call or an SMS with a verification code. This verification code is usually delivered within 1-2 weeks. If you have not received anything within this time period then contact them by clicking here.

Essentially what you are doing here is telling Google that you are a reputable business with a business premises and allowing them to deliver full information regarding your business to local visitors searching for keywords that related to your industry or service.

Relevant on page content

Over the years, I have spoken to various businesses that wish to appear high on the search results. I would say that 80% of these clients have websites don’t have enough relevant content relating to their service or industry and are not therefor ready to engage into an SEO campaign.

Let’s look at the following example:

If you were a lawyer firm in Dubai that specialise in business law then within your pages content you would mention that you are not just a a lawyer based in Dubai. Rather, you should announce that you are a business lawyer based in Dubai.


Joe Blogs is a professional business lawyer based in Dubai.

You can even go as far as to narrow the result you deliver by adding in a specific location such as:

Joe Blogs is a professional business lawyer based in Downtown Dubai.

Now when a visitor searches for the term ‘business lawyer downtown Dubai’ in Google, depending on the current competition for this key phrase, your website will be more likely to appear first on the search engine page results.

If you struggle with creating relevant content for your website then hiring a professional web content creator would be a good idea.

Add your business to local business directories

Google’s job is to provide the most relevant and best results for their customers. By adding your business to online directories such as Yellow Pages will provide an indication that you are who you say you are and confirm what services you offer.

A good rule of thumb is not to over do this and only submit your business details to reputable directories.

Collect great links

Links have always been the #1 way of ranking a website in the SERP’s (search engine results pages) until recently.  Due to many web masters and spammers manipulating links this method of SEO has resulted in Google altering their algorithm to combat and remove these websites from the search results.

Now, collecting links may sound simple in theory however it can be quite challenging. Google count’s links from established websites that have what we call in the industry as ‘Page Rank’, to be quality links. Sites, which carry the domain .gov, carry very PR (Page Rank) and only offer links to outside websites that have extremely high quality information and content. It is unlikely that a pet shop in Dubai would get a link from a .gov website. Hiring a professional SEO company in Dubai would be a wise decision rather than carrying out a link building strategy by yourself.

google review page exampleGet reviews

Getting great natural, individual reviews for your business online is a strong indication to Google and will help your website rise on the SERP’s.

Once you have submitted your business to Google a good method to help get reviews is to ask your customers to review your business by sending them the link via email them to your business review page on Google after you have delivered your service or product.