3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

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3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

It’s been an interesting month so far with plenty of activity, rumours and potential Google algorithm changes in the pipeline. Here are the top 3 SEO news stories that we think you should know about.

Images appearing in Googles March update?

Depending on where you are located, you may have noticed some thumbnail images appearing in the Google search results recently.

Speculation in the SEO forums believe that Google could well be testing a new update in the pipeline that focuses on images.

Possible March update from Google

March 2016 saw some huge ripples in the SERPS (search result pages). Many website owners and SEO experts saw some substantial movements, some positive and some negative.

Without any official announcement from Google this could well have been a Google update. Watch this space!

Image filters added to the Google image search

If you head on over to Googles image search then you may well find some nice new addition to their search filters.

They have provided a helpful colour pallet in the form of buttons that allows the user to sort images by a specific colour.

Image of the new Google image filter buttons

Google users have previously been able to do this (see image below) but not in as much detail as they can now.

Check out Brian Edwards PMG who have posted some excellent information in regards to this update.

screenshot of Googles previous image filter pallet that could help your seo.

What you should take away from this…

Well the answer is pretty clear, using high quality images that are correctly named and have descriptive alt text to them is a must.

As web design becomes more advanced with regards to appearance and design less text is used and for this reason images should be optimized in the correct manner for SEO.

Focus should always be on the end user of the website and not on SEO.

As we have said before, give Google’s users what they want and you shall be rewarded.

TOP 5 Monthly Digital Online News

TOP 5 Monthly Digital Online News

Each month, we will be posting links to the best information and content from various online sources for readers of our blog.

As you will understand, it is imperative to stay on-top of the latest news, updates, changes, and online strategies to provide you with the best chance of online success which is why we feel that good information should be shared.

We have narrowed this news down to our top 5 digital marketing online news and updates.

Hope you enjoy this and please let us know in the comments section below what you found most useful.

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Panda 4.2 Released | Upload International

SEO NEWS: “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled

SEO NEWS: “Near Me” Searches Have Doubled This Year According to Google.

Searches in Google that have a location note like “nearby” have doubled in the last 12 months. The majority of these types of searches have been conducted on a mobile device (80%).

Take a look for yourself by searching in Google for a restaurant or hair salon on your mobile phone and you should notice the “nearby” or “near me” option appear.

This data was released in March 2015 this year by Google. Now buttons appear to help users get directions to the local businesses that they are searching for and making the whole Google experience more useful than ever before.

Also, according to Google’s Chief business officer Omid Kordestani, we maybe seeing a buy button appearing soon for certain ads.

What does this all mean for local businesses and local seo? Well it is imperative that any local business with a website now focuses on ensuring their website is mobile friendly and provides a great customer experience.

If you need help creating a mobile version of your website then be sure to contact us by clicking here.