6 Tips That Will Get More Sales Online

tips to how to get more sales online

6 Tips That Will Get More Sales Online

With sheer amount of competition online for any Industry is pretty important to ensure you were making every effort to out run your competition and get more sales online.

Simply having a website is not enough these days.

If you want to attract more online visitors and to buy from you then by implementing the following online factors outlined below then you’re in with the best chance.

Publish content that is helpful

Publishing content just the sake of things is surely not the best way to engage your visitors interest on your website.

The content you publish on a blog or page should always be helpful and informative and all times.

Always be sure that when publishing content, that who have a call to action to let visitors know what they need to do next on that page.

If you don’t have the time to create the content yourself then there is help available. Hiring a content creation service who can help create great content for your website or blog is a very good and leveraged option.

Make sure your website is responsive

Having a response website that is available to view on mobile and tablet devices is crucial nowadays.

Why would you want to create a barrier between you and your customers by not allowing them to access your website from anything other than a desktop computer or laptop? Pretty crazy right?

Responsive web design is becoming a lot easier these days with the growth of technology and software.

Because it is becoming easier to create mobile responsive websites then the cost for having these types of websites designed and built it slowly coming down in price which is great for new businesses who have a small marketing budget set aside for their website design and development.

wordpress designer dubai


Video marketing

Investing time and money in creating good-quality videos that can be published on your website or on YouTube for example, is a dynamic marketing strategy for getting your message across to your viewers and potential buying customers.

By far, the story telling method of video is an extremely powerful way of creating emotion and will inspire the viewer to take further action on whatever is that you are telling them to do.

Always make sure that your video is of the highest quality possible and that the information you present it is also extremely helpful and provides answers to the problem that the viewers have been searching for.


Discounts have never failed before online.

Buyers love to save money is an extremely good way to get your foot in the door and install trust in your service or products within your target market.


Pricing is by far one of the biggest hurdles for any business especially in Dubai and the UAE. Customers always want the best deal, which is totally understandable.

Make sure you have researched your competition is pricing and that you’re pricing is either cheaper where possible, or at least price matched.

If this is too much of a challenge based on the quality of service for the products that you’re offering then look at including other added benefits or additional services to include into the package.

Customers always want value for money and if you provide this at the right price then you’re on the winning road.

On-page SEO

If you have a website then it is absolutely crucial to be found online to reach success and get a return on your investment.

To achieve this then you must optimise your website for your targeted keywords to attract more search results on sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

THINK: Most buying customers are searching for answers to the problems online. Give them the answers!

By optimising your content and your website for these answers to your customers problems then you will attract your target market onto your website and offer them an upsell or additional information in return for a price.

That sounds easy right?

Well absolutely is!

However, it is always advisable please seek professional advice when it comes to SEO. By having the wrong target keywords you would not only be wasting your time in creating the content and also attracting the wrong visitors or even not getting any visitors at all.

I would always advise that you seek out a professional SEO company in Dubai to help you with your on-page and off-page SEO.

Are you using any other techniques to drive more sales online?

If so then leave your comments in the comment section below as we would love to hear from you.

3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

seo dubai news image

3 New SEO News Stories – April 2016

It’s been an interesting month so far with plenty of activity, rumours and potential Google algorithm changes in the pipeline. Here are the top 3 SEO news stories that we think you should know about.

Images appearing in Googles March update?

Depending on where you are located, you may have noticed some thumbnail images appearing in the Google search results recently.

Speculation in the SEO forums believe that Google could well be testing a new update in the pipeline that focuses on images.

Possible March update from Google

March 2016 saw some huge ripples in the SERPS (search result pages). Many website owners and SEO experts saw some substantial movements, some positive and some negative.

Without any official announcement from Google this could well have been a Google update. Watch this space!

Image filters added to the Google image search

If you head on over to Googles image search then you may well find some nice new addition to their search filters.

They have provided a helpful colour pallet in the form of buttons that allows the user to sort images by a specific colour.

Image of the new Google image filter buttons

Google users have previously been able to do this (see image below) but not in as much detail as they can now.

Check out Brian Edwards PMG who have posted some excellent information in regards to this update.

screenshot of Googles previous image filter pallet that could help your seo.

What you should take away from this…

Well the answer is pretty clear, using high quality images that are correctly named and have descriptive alt text to them is a must.

As web design becomes more advanced with regards to appearance and design less text is used and for this reason images should be optimized in the correct manner for SEO.

Focus should always be on the end user of the website and not on SEO.

As we have said before, give Google’s users what they want and you shall be rewarded.

3 Original SEO Strategies That Still Work

3 Original SEO Strategies That Still Work

SEO has changed throughout the years and it has become used more and more as a great way to increase business for many businesses.  The web has been swamped with various new SEO strategies and tips that promise a good return on money and time however there are 3 strategies that have not changed since search engine optimization begun.


Useful Content

Google has always highlighted that ‘content is king’ and we are also a firm believer of this (which is one of the reasons that we create useful content for our blog).

When you create content for your website your focus should not only be around the keywords you are using to attract more visits but more focused on the end user… your readers!

Don’t create content for the sake of it, write and design it to be as helpful as possible for the reader.

Keep paragraphs to a minimum. Short but useful paragraphs of information are more powerful and can be easier to digest than paragraphs of fluff.

Your goal should be to answer or solve your readers problem to ensure that they get what they came for.

Your content should be readable and not stuffed with keywords that become irritating after reading over and over again.

Page Title Tags

Regarded as the next most important aspect of good search engine optimization practice.

Not only do well-written title tags tell the search engines what information your web page provides but it is also helpful to readers who are searching for answers.

There are many plugins such as the Yeost SEO plugin for WordPress, that will help auto generate a title tag however I would highly recommend that you write your own.

If you need help with creating a page title then head over to a previous post that we covered this in by clicking here.

Visitor experience

I am afraid that just having great content and a good page title is not enough. When your reader lands on your web page they must be able to navigate through your content and find more answers around the topic they are researching.

A big SEO factor is how long a visitor stays on your page and website. This term is referred to by Google as ‘Bounce Rate’.

A low bounce rate is a good indication that your content and website provides great answers and intriguing content.

Use visual images and video as a way of explaining about the topic in question. Hold them by the hand and guide them to other content that is relevant and interesting.

Need help with your SEO in Dubai? If so then we are here to help you. Click Here or click on the button below to find out more about what we offer:

SEO – How to get started and help your business grow online

SEO – How to get started and help your business grow online

Search engine optimization has the potential to help small, medium and large businesses in Dubai grow and flourish in their industry. Implementing a well planned SEO campaign can help boost your businesses recognition and generate sales where there where none before. Engaging in Local SEO in Dubai is great to get more local business.

seo company in dubai

Debunked is the fact that SEO is expensive. There are many affordable SEO solutions that provide great results (check out our SEO packages here as an example).

If your budget is currently not allowing you to invest in an SEO agency in Dubai then here are some SEO fundamentals that you can apply and start optimizing your website.

On-Page SEO Checks

  • Does your website have easy to use navigation?
  • Check your website available across all web browsers
  • Include unique titles and meta descriptions that include your targeted keywords
  • Bulk out your website with valuable information and content
  • Add a blog to your website that has useful information to help answer visitors common questions
  • Make sure your URL’s contain your keywords phrases and are search engine friendly

Content Marketing

  • If you have created a blog then make sure you are adding content to it on a regular basis but don’t just post for the sake of posting.
  • Add relative content that sends out positive signals to the search engines
    Consider creating videos and upload them to trusted video websites such as Youtube and Vimeo but be sure to include a link back to your website pages

Get quality links

  • Look at guest posting on other industry websites and become an authority in your industry.
    Make sure your links are useful and don’t just take your readers to unrelated pages.
    Social Media
  • Create fan and company pages on Social Media and include links to and from your website
    Make sure that the content you post on Social Media is applicable to your industry and helpful to your audience.
    Post URL’s from your blog or web pages on social media and explain what your reader is getting.
    Get reviews
  • Ask your happy customers to review your service online through their website or on a review site
    Reply to any reviews where applicable and thank them for their honesty and feedback

If you need an SEO expert in Dubai to help you with your local seo campaign then click here.

Basic SEO Tip #1

Basic SEO Tip #1

Each week we will be providing some free advice to our website customers and blog readers in regards to their websites on page SEO and improve their overall website rankings.


Since we have started providing SEO for local businesses in Dubai and worldwide, we have witnessed some great websites that look amazing however due to the lack of search engine optimization the web developers missed out some basic seo fundamentals.

So we are here to pick up the pieces and give you some absolute gold advise (for free) and give your website an extra push.

This week I want to start at the top (and when I say top I mean TOP).

seo company dubaiPage Title

This may sound obvious to most however as I mentioned earlier, we have personally seen 100’s of websites miss this #1 on page seo procedure.

We work with a lot of local seo clients in Dubai. It still surprises me when clients who have used another SEO agency in Dubai have not received any on-page SEO advice and recommended changes. One of which is the websites page title.

If you want to give your website a better chance of ranking in the search pages then your first port of call is the websites page titles.

The correct structure of the page title should be as follows:

Keyword(s) | Company Name

Or if you are targeting local customers then:

Keyword(s) Location | Company Name

For example, if your business was a dog grooming salon in Dubai then you would use the following page title:

Dog Grooming Dubai | Pooch Paradise

If you where offering this service wordwide then it would simply be:

Dog Grooming | Pooch Paradise

Make sense? Great.

How can you check your websites page titles without being a developer?

We highly recommend SEO Quake which is a free tool that installs on your browsers website extensions. You can get it by visiting

If you have any questions then please ask us in our comments section below.

Local SEO – The 5 Main Elements For Local SEO That Every Website Owner Should Know

Local SEO – The 5 Main Elements For Local SEO That Every Website Owner Should Know

Local search engine optimization work is an exciting mission with a great reward at the end if actioned correctly.

Local SEO has become a mandatory marketing tool for small-scale, local businesses to become established and get found on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

It is seen that local businesses lose out many potential web successes often due to lack of properly optimizing their website for common keyword searches. This loss of opportunities arises due to the confusion of how and what to optimize the website for and where.

If you are struggling to understand how to optimize your website and get a return on your time spent optimizing your site then I highly recommend that you reach for the nearest pen and paper to take notes of the following 5 main elements for local SEO success.


NAP (Name, Address of the company, Phone)

NAP is certainly an important aspect that should not be forgotten to add on all the web pages.

When you are implementing on-site SEO tactics, it becomes mandatory to carefully include name, company address and contact number on each page of a website; if you are expecting success from your local SEO program. Maintain a similar format of NAP while adding it on the pages. A good location to place these details is within the footer of the website.

Adding NAP consistently within your company website, allows search engine to easily index the required details to associate with a website in local SERPs. On top of this, adding NAP can also install trust and more importantly help your customers find the best contact method to reach you (not everyone enjoys filling in contact forms).

My Business:

Securing yourself a ‘My Business’ Google listing is an excellent step to optimizing your website to get found by your target customer.

This feature allows companies to appear within several types of Google services such as:

  • Maps
  • Google+
  • Google Search

Setting up this service takes anywhere between 30 – 60 minutes if you are not tech savvy. Remember to provide all details in this listing related to your business to help your new customers contact you.


mobile web design dubaiOptimize Your Website For Mobile Devices:

Due to the rapid development of technology in the last decade, many of the population now owns a tablet or a smartphone.

This emerging effect of smart phones has encouraged search engine to ultimately update the algorithm for including mobile optimization in the ranking factor of a website.

This algorithm shows the necessity of having your website optimized for mobile accessibility.

Search engines like the big G are consistently looking to improve their customers online experience and deliver information easily to any device and not just to a desktop computer anymore.

Making your website mobile accessible and optimizing the website in terms of speed and information offers great potential and massive successes for your website.


Local Reviews:

Fast becoming a great indication of the quality of the service offered from a local businesses reviews show just what people think of the service or product you are offering.

It goes without saying that you should always keep the customer happy and feel that they have walked away with value.

Many businesses have started to take it upon themselves to email their customers requesting a review and even asking that they place a review at point of sale on a tablet pre-loaded with the review page.


Local SEO Link Building:

As much as many say that link building is dead, it is still proving to provide positive results providing it is done properly and appears as naturally as possible.

Carefully balanced links can help build a good quality score for the site they are backlinking to.

Ensure that the links that are being sent to the appropriate, related content at all times and avoid engaging in any link building schemes as these can be highly detrimental in the future.

Avoid overuse of directory listings. A few listings are fine so make sure that you research the quality of the directory website you are placing the listing for your business.

If you need help in getting your website listed with local SEO then don’t be scared to get in contact with our team at Upload International. We are here to help. For more information on this topic then click here.

TOP 5 Monthly Digital Online News

TOP 5 Monthly Digital Online News

Each month, we will be posting links to the best information and content from various online sources for readers of our blog.

As you will understand, it is imperative to stay on-top of the latest news, updates, changes, and online strategies to provide you with the best chance of online success which is why we feel that good information should be shared.

We have narrowed this news down to our top 5 digital marketing online news and updates.

Hope you enjoy this and please let us know in the comments section below what you found most useful.

The Future Of Search –

What are the top ranking factors of SEO in 2015? Well Moz have reviewed, tested and believe they have some interesting results to help you give your website the best chance of ranking in 2015.

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Set Up Alerts In Google Analytics –

How to use Google Analytics to find out the moment something changes and make immediate changes to avoid loosing rankings.

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If Your Not On Page One Then Your Not In  Business –

SEO expert Larry Payne explains why it is imperative for your business to be on the first page of the search engines.

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Maximising Your Youtube SEO –

Youtube currently has over 1 billion users per day so there is little doubt that your business can benefit from having it’s Youtube content properly optimised to see some of this free traffic.  Albert Costill takes us through what needs to be actioned to best optimise Youtube videos and get results.

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Why Mapping Out Your Content Can Be Seriously Effective –

If you have read, heard or watched any of our previous blog posts over the past couple of years, then you may have heard us focus around the topic of creating good content for your website(s). In this article, Michael Brenner explains how you can map out your own content marketing plan to leverage your time effectively and get the best ROI.

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Panda 4.2 Released | Upload International

SEO Update | Panda 4.2 Rollout

Panda 4.2 Unleashed!

Hi, it’s Mark Evans from Upload International SEO company in Dubai with an SEO tip for you today.

So Google have rolled out Panda version 4.2. Last time panda was rolled out was back on the 25th September 2015. The new update was rolled out on the 18th July so if you are a website owner or webmaster you may have already noticed some changes to the rankings of your website(s).

The new Panda update 2015 has affected an approximate 2-3% of all English queries so far.

So what does this mean?

Well, if your website was previously penalised back in September last year it means that you have been given a chance to make the relevant changes to the website to get it back ranking in the search results. This is good news for some and bad news for spammy, low quality websites.

Don’t get me wrong, you must ensure that you maintain good, useful and informative website content to be favoured by the search engine giant (no change here).

If on the other-hand, you are not providing good information to visitors and using spammy, blackhat and backlink techniques then that could cause you some problems. Google have sent out  plenty of signals of what they want and by this point any SEO professional should be using organic SEO as their strategy.

Ok, to round up, your task right now, today, is to review your websites content and ensure it is up to date, relevant and useful to visitors. Avoid engaging in any form of bad SEO strategies and give Google what they want.

If you need to hire our team to manage your websites SEO strategy then be sure to get in contact with us today by clicking on the button below.

This is Mark Evans from Upload International.

Social Media SEO Tip | Upload International

A Simple Social Media SEO Tip That Will Help In The Long Run

Mark Evans here from Upload International and I’m here today to give you a very quick SEO tip and some advice. I had a customer today who were posting heavily on Facebook and providing great content, really getting people involved but they were missing one thing.  They weren’t including a link back to their website or website pages within the post.

Now, when adding a link to a social media post such as Facebook then simply include the url of your website at the very bottom on a new line so that:

  1. it doesn’t appear spammy
  2. the post is clean and content is clear to read

This will add some extra SEO value (small but worthwhile) and direct potential customers back to your website. It’s simple and fast to action.

From today onwards I recommend that you start practicing this on all your Facebook and social media posts. I hope this helps and look forward to hearing your results very soon.

This is Mark Evans from Upload International.

Are you looking for a professional SEO company in Dubai that get’s results? If so then click here.