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Dislike Button Confirmed For Facebook

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook and wanted to hit a dislike button so much? Well the wait is almost over!

This week Mark Zuckerberg met with an audience at a town hall to answer some of the most popular questions in regards to Facebook.

One of the biggest announcements was that they have listened to their customer feedback and are working on a dislike button, which he mentions is incredibly difficult to implement for something so simple.

Now, you may be thinking that this is a minute change but how will this affect company pages and social media managers?

Well it means that content will need to be engaging, relevant and useful for a companies fans and audience. It will reduce the spam and clicks bate that takes up the majority of the Facebook feed these days.

We will report on this feature more when we see it activated.

Zuckerberg also touched on their VR (Virtual Reality) development where they plan to use images and videos where they can take you around the world or even play ping pong with anyone in the world and even play ping pong in outer space, under water and other places that are not even possible to reach to the normal person.

We are excited to see where these features take Facebook and the way we communicate with our friends, family and fans.

What are your thoughts on these Facebook changes? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

Social Media SEO Tip | Upload International

A Simple Social Media SEO Tip That Will Help In The Long Run

Mark Evans here from Upload International and I’m here today to give you a very quick SEO tip and some advice. I had a customer today who were posting heavily on Facebook and providing great content, really getting people involved but they were missing one thing.  They weren’t including a link back to their website or website pages within the post.

Now, when adding a link to a social media post such as Facebook then simply include the url of your website at the very bottom on a new line so that:

  1. it doesn’t appear spammy
  2. the post is clean and content is clear to read

This will add some extra SEO value (small but worthwhile) and direct potential customers back to your website. It’s simple and fast to action.

From today onwards I recommend that you start practicing this on all your Facebook and social media posts. I hope this helps and look forward to hearing your results very soon.

This is Mark Evans from Upload International.

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