Web Design Psychology

Web Design Psychology

Many may think that having a beautiful web design with all the bells and whistles will increase sales conversions and create revenue however after years upon years of research, this is most certainly not the case.

The fact is that selling online is a brain game! It is imperative that to sell successfully online, you must tap into your prospects psychology to trigger positive results.

Here are five methods that you can implement on your website design today that will help deliver better conversions and sales.


By using clear, easy to digest wording in your headings and body text, you can maintain your customers interest whilst prompting them to take action where required. Take a look at the examples below:

Without verbal psychology

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With verbal psychology

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I hope that you can see a clear difference in the wording and direct call to action that I am instructing the reader to take.



Choose your websites theme colours wisely. Blue is a very trusting colour where red screams out ‘warning’ and ‘danger’. Consider the demographic of your visitors. Are they primarily women or men? Your design should be appealing to your target demographic.

Touch your customers on an emotional level

Many of the most successful web copywriters will tell you that reaching a prospective client on an emotional level increases sales ten fold and beyond. This sales strategy can be done in the form of the websites headlines, sub headlines, body content, sales video and even using carefully selected images.

Your choice of wording on you website should be carefully crafted so that it reaches out and creates an emotional connection with the person reading it.


According to research and studies conducted by the top marketers in the industry, having a soft curved cornered button rather than a square button increases clicks. A websites main call to action button should be larger than any other button on the website as this will draw more attention.


Where you place your call-to-action can have a huge affect on your websites results.

Your call to action maybe a contact form, button or shopping cart button. Ensure that your call to action is prominent and easy for your visitors to locate.  Having the call to action above the fold of the website is the way to go.

If your call to action is a button then make sure that it is a different colour from anything else on the website. (don’t allow it to blend in with the rest).

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Not Adding This To Your Website Is Loosing You Customers!

Website Conversion Tips #2

Hi, it’s Mark Evans here from Upload International web design and SEO company based in Dubai. And I’m here with a top website conversion tip for you the online business owner.

This website conversion tip is so simple that you have probably overlooked it like so many other online businesses do. It’s simply to have testimonials on your website. These testimonials can be in written form or even better, video testimonials from your clients that you have had the experience of working with currently or in the past.

Increase Your Websites Conversions

Increase Your Websites Conversions

Testimonials have social proof, they increase the conversion rate on your website, its a proven strategy and there are countless tests and research carried out that prove this.

So your action step today or this week is to go to your clients, previous or current, and ask them for a video or written testimonial for your website. This can be absolutely phenomenal in terms of  your results.

I look forward to hearing your results from using this strategy in the comments section below once you have implemented this strategy.

Until next time, have a great day.

To your online business success,

Mark Evans