Website Conversion Tip

Website Conversion Tip – Have The End User In Mind

Ok, so I am sitting here researching some websites for a client and stumble across this website:

“So whats the big deal Mark?” I hear you cry!

image of man under stress due to website not getting him customersWell to start with I challenge you to go and find the contact details for the company! Go on! Give it a go!

Impossible right? Yep, this is a prime example of when web companies offer a website design that has no common sense functionality what so ever!

Now I did my best and found no contact details at all, therefore how does the average web user supposed to contact this company with ease?

This website has literally no use what so ever over than look pretty. It’s a portfolio with no direct response or call to action. Pretty pointless I am sure you will agree.

“Get on with it and stop winging” I hear you shout.

ok, ok…

So this weeks website tip is simply not to design your websites too complicated and confusing to the visitor. Navigation must be simple and easy to locate crucial pages such as your contact pages.

Pretty is nice but rarely gets you customers.

Think of this…

  • What goes through a clients mind when they land on your website?
  • What are they there to do?
  • Are they looking for information?
  • Are they looking to buy something?
  • Are they there for a quote?

Make it easy for them to find this information and they are 10 times more likely to convert into a customer for you.

I hope you have found this weeks website tip and I look forward to seeing you here next week.

To your online success!