5 Signs Your Website is Out of Date

5 Signs Your Website is Out of Date

If you have a website that was created 2-3 years ago then you will, likely find a numerous amount of things that will need to be added, removed, updated and changed to bring your site up to date with the latest website design and trends. However just be careful when it comes to website trends as explained in our previous blog post on website trends.

Before you jump straight in and revamping your website here are 5 sure-fire signs that your website is ready for change.

1. Take a close look at your website

This seems apparent but it is where any serious website owner should focus and start.  Have a notepad and pen at the ready so you can take plenty of notes ready to send to your web developer.

Take a look at your competitors within your industries websites and look at what they are doing that you are not.

  • Where are their contact forms?
  • Are they using videos to promote their products?
  • How do their websites respond and function on mobile devices?
  • How large are their buttons?
  • How much text and images are they using?
  • How easy is the website to navigate?

These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself. Now take this feedback and review your website to see what you are missing. Even go as far as getting a friend or family member review your website so that you get non-biased feedback. Ask them to find items, and use functions so that you can see how user friendly the website is.  The first stage in resolving a likely problem is acknowledging you have one.

I recommend that you take time out for at least an hour reviewing your website. I personally review my website at least once a month. Split testing your website is another great way to get visual feedback on what your website visitors are doing on each page and where you can make changes to help increase the overall experience and design and in return helping you increase your websites conversions. There are two great tools that you can use to do this; Visual Website Optimizer & Crazy Egg offer a great service and product.

Flat illustration of web design company in dubai2. Is your website inline with your brand?

Overtime, brands evolve and better themselves, they are no longer what they were when they started. Many businesses find the need to rebrand and find a better identity in their marketplace. Rebranding can see changes to the logo and corporate colours.

Websites seem to get forgotten at this time and are in most cases left until last to update. It is essential that a website is in sync with the brands colours and theme.

With the dramatic development of website features and tools, it is now easier than ever to design and create a website that represents your brand. Does your website have your up to date logo, corporate colours and font? If not then get updating.

3. How would you rate your site for responsiveness?

With rise and popularity of mobile device usage, computer screen resolution, monitor sizes increasing and Google releasing a major website ranking update for mobile friendly websites earlier in 2015, responsiveness of a website is a major aspect of website design and shouldn’t be treated like a trend or fad that will pass soon.

This element is here to stay and haunt you if you don’t take it seriously. Your website should be able to adapt to all screen sizes and be accessible across all the major mobile devices. If it doesn’t, then you should do something about it fast! A quick way of checking your website is mobile friendly is by visiting Googles Mobile Friendly Test Tool. The best way to check is by reviewing your website on an your actual mobile device. Ask yourself the following:

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Can you read the text easily?
  • Do you have to pinch the screen to zoom in?
  • Does it look ugly?

4. Is it easy to update content on your website?

When the need to update an image or text arises, are you able to do it yourself or do you have to hire a professional website developer to do it for you? Do you need technical knowledge to make these changes? It’s important to keep updating your website regularly with relevant content and beneficial information for your visitors. If you lack the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS then it’s recommended that you should use a platform such as WordPress or Drupal that make updating, creating and sharing content really easy.

5. Do You Have A Flash Website?

Yes, Flash is useful but it is close to its funeral. No, seriously. As pretty as a flash website may look, it’s functionality and availability on mobile devices is a problem. Flash websites was one of those trends that everyone thought ‘wow, this is awesome’ however not predicting the growth and availability of mobile web access was it’s downfall.

Now many maybe reluctant when deciding to change their flash website due to their investment into the creation, development and time to produce. Unfortunately changing the website is a must if you want to have a functional website that gets you more customers. Flash sites are difficult to rank due to the restraints in content and SEO fundamentals.

If your business or website is such that it definitely needs aspects of animation, then you can use other friendlier platforms such as Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5. They can do everything that Flash ever does/did and they are more accepted on mobile platforms and favoured by the search engines.

The Bottom Line

Web design is still progressing and new features are being released on a daily basis. Continuous growth and testing is the key to success from your website. What maybe a “I’ll put this off until tomorrow” scenario, should be taken seriously and action should be taken sooner rather than later.

If you find that your website is in distress with the above problems it maybe time to renovate your website and bring it up to date. If you have any questions then leave a comment below for an answer from our qualified team.