Web Jargon Buster

We understand that sometimes web designers and developers talk a little too techie, which is why we have put together a complete web and mobile application jargon buster just for you.  If there is anything that we have missed then please feel free to email our team info@uploadinternational.com at anytime and at no cost to get the answer to your question.

API – Application Programming Interface

An API is a set of functions and processes that provide the ability to create applications that access data or specific features of another application, service or operating system.

Blog – Web Log

A ‘blog’ or ‘web log’ is a term that refers to a web page that provides a series of published items such as articles, news, videos, images etc. Some website owners use the term ‘news feed’ or ‘news page’ when referring to a blog page. Having a blog on your website is a good way to provide your visitors with related news and topics for your business and community.

Most blog’s provide an archiving facility where visitors are able to view past articles and content in an orderly fashion as well as find related content to the blog entry they are currently reading by the use of blog tags.

URL – Uniform Resource Locator

A URL is the unique address of a Web document. for example our website URL for this web page your viewing our Web Jargon Buster is http://uploadinternational.com/web-jargon-buster


A cache is a space where visited web pages are stored within your computer usually on a temporary basis. A cache will allow you to load a web page faster as the data (information) is already stored on your computer from the last visit to the same website and therefore doesn’t require pulling all the information from the websites server.

If you have made recent changes to your website and can’t see them then clearing your cache is the first step.

Missed something?

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