Why shouldn’t I use a cheap SEO Company In Dubai?

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Why shouldn’t I use a cheap SEO Company In Dubai?


Well where do I start? I will keep this Blog post brief and bullet point later on the major challenges that you can face when using a cheap SEO company in Dubai.


As a reputable SEO company in Dubai we regularly meet with our potential clients to discuss and get a better understanding of their needs and requirements. Pricing is usually discussed toward the end of our meeting and a common comment made is ‘that’s quite expensive, I have seen other SEO companies offer the service for half the price’.  And they have a valid point. As a premier digital marketing agency we understand that we are not the cheapest on the market and we openly admit this.


There’s no argument, all business owners must be price conscious when it comes to marketing their business and services. Having a clear understanding of where your investment of capital and time is a must in the business world. If you where looking to advertise in a magazine for example, you would want to know where your advertisement would be placed, the size, how many subscribers they have, the number of copies distributed per month and the full pricing options before you make an educated decision on whether to go ahead and invest. Well, search engine optimization is no different.


Sure you can get cheaper magazine advertisements however it’s a difference of a jeweller advertising in Dry Wall Weekly and Vanity Affair. Basically you get what you pay for… or do you?


It pains me to see so many businesses investing in cheap SEO solutions and not getting a result or worse yet, getting their website banned by the search engines, yes, I said BANNED.


Cheap SEO can be extremely detrimental to a websites. There’s a good reason why the price is competitive in our industry and it really boils down to one thing, QUALITY MATTERS.


If you would like to save yourself the time and money with cheap SEO companies and get your website banned yourself, then I can give you their methods and sources here and now, for free! It’s really no skin off my nose.


These cheap SEO companies attempt to rank your website by submitting your website to link farms, link submitting tools, comment spamming and low quality, untrusted websites which usually get picked up by Google and get taken down within a few months due to their highly intelligent algorithms.


Thank goodness the search engines are on your side. The big G has rolled out several algorithm changes over the last 5 years, which has slowly stomped out the use of these black hat methods. The only problem is that genuine business owners who have been investing their hard earned money into cheap SEO that have been and still are practicing these spammy, black hat methods have had or will, eventually ruin the online presence of the websites. It’s a dangerous game and highly in favour of the search engines.


Many business owners use the phrase ‘I will try it for cheap and if it doesn’t work out then I wont have lost anything’, if this is you then I have news my friend, it will harm you and it will ruin your online presence in the future. Once a website has had several thousand bad links sent to it then it becomes a monumentally expensive process to remove these links and rebuild the websites reputability.


If your thinking of investing in an SEO service in Dubai then do it properly and invest in a company that has proven results, excellent up-to-date knowledge of the industry, gets what your business is about and will help drive results for you.


grl thinking looking o the left regarding is cheap seo worth the investmentWhat a cheap SEO company will do:

  • Offer to rank your website for low search terms
  • Create thousands of untrusted links to your website
  • Get your website de-indexed
  • Provide a 100% guarantee of results
  • Promise #1 rankings
  • Use robots to create and distribute content
  • Target 10+ keywords per month
  • Spam other websites in the hope that they accept a link
  • Get your domain blacklisted and in return prevent your emails from reaching your customers


What a professional SEO company will do:

  • Conduct detailed keyword research based on your suggestions and provide detailed results
  • Research your current online competition and feed this back to you
  • Suggest starting small and only targeting 3 – 5 keywords/phrases per month
  • Action a full audit of your website and recommend areas of improvement in optimizing your website ready for an SEO campaign
  • Handwrite well content and distribute it on trusted web properties
  • Distribute content on trusted web properties
  • Announce your content across all social media platforms
  • Provide you with a monthly report outlining the ranking improvements


As you can see above in black and white, if you care about your website and the results it will get for you through SEO then it’s highly recommended to choose and SEO company in Dubai that cares about your business and its online results.


Upload International offers professional SEO packages that are suited for all types of businesses who have an established website. For more information or to get in contact with us then click here.

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